March 1, 2007

What an awkward day..

It started off when i just reached school. Only to see that classrooms 3A to 3E are not locked. And 3D's classroom got busted up real bad. Papers were all over, tables overturned, paint on the cupboard and litters everywhere! Then Jasper saw a piece of paper, which showed Donny's handwriting. Then i know, yesterday, 4B had oral in our classroom. I was like, disgusted by the messy classroom. So i clean up the place a bit. Please don't do this again, Donny..

Yeah, it was raining profusely today. It was so damn cold, even my lard armor can be penetrated. Had Maths as first lesson, the completing the square method is still so confusing! ARGH!

P.E was next, obviously there is no P.E. It rained, and rained, and rained. Must be the raining season already.. Did Maths all the way, well at least i wouldn't have to do the homework at home!

Then came English, Mr Tan seems enthusiastic today. Imitating the way people talk eh.. "Walao eh.. Bodoh siyal.." LMAOROFL-ed at the way he talked, haha..

Recess, never ran today. Still having flu yeah, don't wanna worsen it..

Today's Chemistry was sooo slack. 1st period, Ms Mah made us do some worksheet. 2nd period, Ms Mah bring us to Chemistry Lab and did some paperwork. Zzz, make me take the evaporating dish and a piece of rough paper for nothing..

Social Studies.. Sigh, really no hope already. The guys were like throwing empty bottles and some with a few drops left. I kinda hate the sound of plastic bottles being thrown and hitting on the ground. I was at my limit already, then when the lesson was almost ending, someone threw a bottle, with some drops left, to my side. The drops wet my shoulder and my spectacles. Yeah, i kinda threw back the bottle back to them. Furious already.

After school, suddenly coughed like mad.. I guess my flu ain't recovering that soon. Since the rain making it worse, what can i do?

Went and home took some panadol.. Feeling ok yeah..

Well, that's all for today..

Bye guys and goodnight!

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