March 26, 2007

It rained badly this morning. The good thing is, we do not have to assemble at the arena. At first, i thought that there will be no PE since it's raining like hell. Lucky, the rain stopped before PE starts, only a bit of drizzling.

Ran 12 rounds around the arena. We are supposed to practice 2.4km today. But the terrain is not very good for running, there was even one part where i almost slipped and fall near the general office. My timing was 11 minutes+, to me it's considered FAIL already.. Then played basketball with Mr Lim and Weeleng. My shoes were wet and i'm totally drenched. My legs were squishy, LOL!

Went back for Maths and learned one of my favorite topics last year, Pythagoras' Theorem.

Recess, stayed in class again. I admit i'm too paranoid, i lost my MP3 once. Didn't want to repeat the history. Watched Weeleng and Danilo played Tekken: Dark Resurrection. It looked cool!

English was next. Did another exposition. Is it me, or the lessons of Mr Chan are getting more boring.. I do wish Mr Tan was back, man..

Chemistry was next, did some paper work and then went to the lab. Did some experiment to collect pure water from some delivery tube. Quite fun actually, well most of time, i was playing with Asha. LOL!

Went home and read the new school magazine in the bus. Felt a bit dizzy after that.. Yeah, it's some phobia or something.

Slept all the way to dinner time. Overall, today's freaking slack-ed..

Tomorrow need to pay $10 for broken door lock, pay $20 to one of my juniors, going old folk's home and must sing! DIE!

The usual phrase..
Goodnight, and have a good rest!

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