March 14, 2007

Just changed my blogskin.
Tag me with any problem you encounter in this blog!

Just level-ed my Flyff character to Lvl. 40! Yeah, i'm kinda happy despite being a first-timer in this game. All my cousins are Lvl. 50+ already and hopefully i could catch up with their level.

Kinda bored today. It seems like it's gonna rain sooner or later.. Oh well..

It's Wednesday already, how time flies so quickly.. Just wanna go out with anyone to catch a movie, play LAN or whatever. I just wanna enjoy this 1 week holiday before it ends! Anyone please, just SMS me at 93612279. Thanks!

I remember the vow the class made to Mr Mui. The class said "YES" when Mr Mui asked the class whether they could change for the better in the upcoming term.. Well, maybe we are all just trying to enjoy life to the fullest.

I think i should sleep eh!
Thinking too much already!


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