March 6, 2007

The reason for the small tremors we encountered this morning.

Well, it's not my first time already. I felt my first tremor in Primary 6 while i was in Malaysia visiting my mother's relatives. I stayed in a hotel which was near the connection road to Singapore. Around 1am in the morning, my bed started to move left and right. Very scary. Then me and my mother went down, to be surprised that many people were down too!

Well, nothing to talk about today. Just a typical school day.

Went home and then it rained. Aww man, the bus was crowded too!

Then suddenly a school girl stood closely next to me, when i was reaching my destination already, i started to sweat.. Why do i always have this nervousness when standing next to girl, talking to a girl or whatever. That's kinda the reason why i don't really hang out with girls like what other people do.. Oh well, maybe i'm born like this..

Just to end it off, i'm feeling okay since yesterday's incident eh.. Don't worry..

Goodnight all!

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