March 28, 2007

First and foremost! Reply of tags!
Jessie: Hey thanks! And another thanks for linking and tagging me!
Jiemin: PS where got boring. This year CIP, i agree with ya! It's kinda boring.. Zzz..
Kimberly: Ya.. Don't know why also. Well, i've always blog for fun, not for attention..
Justin: HEY SURE! Maybe during weekends? Like Saturday or Sunday?

Today, first thing in the morning, no key to open class again.. Then me and Danilo went down AGAIN to the general office to take the key, along with Siraj. This time, we took Mr Giam's master key. LOL, can you believe that? Anyway, Mr Lim Kian Hoe told us that the door lock would be fixed by today. Well he's not too sure about that..

Yeah. One period of English wasted. Then next was Physics, and Ms Leng told us that today, the class will be having extra lessons. Oh well, better to play safe than sorry. Somemore she said that the makeup lesson will be on the same date. I'm like having CLB every Wednesday. LOL.

Chinese was next. Yay, Ms Foong brought her laptop into the class. Unfortunately, she wanted to use it after i set it up. Argh! She even want me appointed as her Chinese E-Learning Rep.. Luckily i do not have an account for Chinese E-Learning =PP!

Maths was next. It's very obvious that Mr Kung is damn "kan chiong". You see his chest and his back sweating like mad. Woah, i wonder if that's how teachers teach..

Recess. Need i say more?

2 periods of History. Yeah, we did some exam questions for History. I was asked to do Question 3. Got blur in Question 3 and so i asked Edwin for hints!

Another 2 periods of CME! Slack-edd! Edwin did his pupil to teacher interaction. I listened to Danilo's PSP for songs. How i wish i OWN A PSP!

After that, Ms Leng came pretty early and started off by making us do the workbook. Unfortunately, i did not bring my workbook and my textbook. So Ms Leng had to photo copy the pages for me. Thanks and sorry Ms Leng! Jasper and some others did it freaking fast and left already. Mine ended around 3.30pm.

Went home and slept.. Too tired. Actually, everyday's a tiring day. Sometimes after you get back home from school, you feel like sleeping for the whole day and do not want to do revision.

Well, that's all.

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