March 13, 2007

Reply of tags~
kim: GREAT!

justin: I only earned like $200 plus only. LOL!

jiemin: Dang, should have asked for your address! LMAO.

a guy: oh well, he's the self-proclaimed TAGGING KING! so yah, you got your answer!

zhengyee: thanks for the encouragement! anyway, i did not perform my job very well though, later you can see my summary of my jobweek days!

jiemin (LOL, again, twice!): lazy go ask. ya lor, that Pari anyhow mark attendance. you suay lor!

Yeah, i'm back from my jobweek camp! Unfortunately, i earned very little. It's about $200+ while the others got over $700+! Anyway, just to summarize my days in the camp!

Day 1:
  1. Earned about $40+.
  2. Got manhandled by a dog which is almost about my size!
  3. Two scratches on my left leg done by the dog.
  4. My patrol member lost a card. Gotta report it to the police..
  5. Ate apple pie for supper.
  6. Watched Howl's Moving Castle for the movie screening! It rocks!
  7. Total earnings for the day is about $8000+
  8. Got a purple carabiner as a lucky draw prize!

Day 2:

  1. Earned about $100+
  2. Today was my highest earnings so far.
  3. Went to comb almost the whole of green MRT line.
  4. I get $30 by just wiping the kitchen floor with a damp cloth.
  5. My patrol member got lost for two hours.
  6. My scout leader reprimanded me!
  7. Ate BBQ food at school for dinner!
  8. Ate cocktail for supper!
  9. Watched Howl's Moving Castle which was continued from yesterday!
  10. Total earnings for the day is about $8000+ also.

Day 3:

  1. Finally the last day of jobweek!
  2. Sucks though, only earned $40+.
  3. Went to the terrace houses at Pasir Ris and none opened.
  4. Trying to force my patrol member to earn money.
  5. No confidence in earning money already!
  6. Went back home and played CS!
  7. Ate ice cream for supper!
  8. Cookies & Cream! My fave ice cream flavour!
  9. Watched finished Howl's Moving Castle.
  10. Then watched Final Fantasy Advent Children!
  11. Total earnings for the day is about $5000+
  12. Although we never meet our target, we beat last year's record!
  13. Went to sleep very early.

Day 4:

  1. Home Sweet Home! Err, not so fast!
  2. Arranged tables in the classroom!
  3. Ate breakfast.
  4. The whole unit did 60 push ups as punishment for littering.
  5. Last de-briefing by Mr Kung.

That's about it! Slept all the way till 6pm. Tired.

The holidays are damn boring lah. Movies? Arcade? Outing? Anyone?

Oh well..

Gotta go already. Seeya all!

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