March 9, 2007

Awww man, today's the last day of school.
But the last day of school is kind of the worst.

Mr Mui came to our school and lectured the class. He also mentioned that the class should start afresh when term 2 begins. I wonder if the class would really change for the better.

Mr Edwin Lim seems moodless today. Maybe because of 3D? Ran 3 rounds around the arena and played basketball. Teamed up with Zhao Hong, Arthur and Calvin. I think we won yeah, not really concerned on the score. Just wanna have fun!

Another bad thing happened. Peng Zhen lost his handphone. The class now is definitely not safe already. The class key got lost. Then our bags got checked just before recess. The guys kept on complaining that they are hungry. Mr Edwin Lim screamed. It's the first time he screamed in my opinion. Why can't you guys give him an easier life since he is leaving the school in May? Ah fuck, i'll save my words.

Cleaned up the class with Danilo. Just want to make it look nicer after i leave for D&T. My heart broke when i saw a plastic bag which just lay on the floor not long ago. Argh, i don't want to clean the class already. Make it into a rubbish dump, i simply won't care anymore.

D&T was next. I was glad to see Peng Zhen looking calm. I hope that he will find his handphone back. The D&T was exceptionally quiet, but of course, a lot of things happened beforehand.

I got this from Mr Lim. (Click on the picture)
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The result slip was a bit weird. It did not record my marks for Maths. o.O
When did i get 2 merit points?

Tomorrow is my Jobweek camp. Not gonna blog for 3 days.

See you all later!
Good day!

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