March 19, 2007

Oh man, i missed blogging about school days.

Just to start it off.
Today seems pretty rush for me. Woke up very early, like 4.30am. Don't know why but i just pack up my bag and ate my breakfast early. Do you know that your body also reacts like a clock? When you are sleeping, there are parts of your body where you do not feel comfortable with, as a result, you sleep late. Haha, i got it twice already.

Took two buses, the usual 131 and 139. Saw friends from other school, i know them but they do not know me. Guess that i have changed a lot in my physical appearance. The buses were pretty empty, kinda eerie i would say. 139 had only me and one female student in it. Don't get the wrong idea!

Reached school super early too! Around 6.30am. Kinda surprised when i saw Win Zaw arrived even earlier then me.. I guess i'm not the early bird anymore! Then more people came, and then chit chat till assembly starts. Assembly blah blah blah.

First 2 periods were Chinese, meaning my slack periods! I did my Maths, as usual last minute. I always slack during holidays. Gave up halfway and slept for awhile.

Physics was next. Ms Leng's VAIO laptop still cannot work on the teacher's console. Have to bear minimum and use the visualizer to see the laptop.. LOL.

Maths was next. Doomsday for many ya! It WAS doomsday for me. Luckily, he never scream at me. He kinda blew it off when a few people never passed up the Maths 2. It's like, he suddenly screams and my heart jumped out! I got 2 shocks already. Feeling kinda weak now.

Social Studies. Viewed the PowerPoint file with Danilo and the others. It was nice and neat. Not wordy and stuff. Fully summarized. By the way, Danilo did all the stuffs. His group, including me, should thank him for the things he had done. We were like leeching "EXP" from him LOL.

Recess. Me and Edwin were captains for basketball. My team owned him! Wahaha! I feel extra heavy now because of the lack of sleep. Feeling dizzy while running about. But we still managed to pull through! Thanks Hock Zheng and the others in my team!

English was next. Mr Chan teaches very slow and talks freaking soft. He has a kind heart, which is obvious since he does not shout at the class even though no one's listening. Just hope to learn more from him ya!

Reading period aka FREE PERIOD was next. Today was the last day to have the reading periods and then next week, the reading periods will be changed. And ya, reading period as the first period really sucks.

Had to see Mr Kung because i did not understand the questions provided by him. Weeleng was with me too. Had to tutor him on General Formula and freaking hell he learns FAST.

Went home and sleep. Tired.

That's all for today. Seeya guys tomorrow!

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