March 2, 2007

It's damn freezing cold in the morning!

Coughed like mad again. Got a little drenched from outside school. People will think that i'm bit crazy.. Maybe because i cannot control the impact of my cough and thus, the very loud cough!

Today's Chemistry was kinda fun! Separating sand and sodium chloride a.k.a table salt. Kinda fun when you do with Asha, he jokes a lot ehh!

P.E was next. Actually want to play on my own, but Mr Lim chose me to be in his team. Well, i have no right to reject ehh? My team was Mr Lim himself, Me, Shanyang and Jiemin, the other was Zhao Hong, Calvin, Kenneth and Hock Zheng. Hock Zheng's layout is kinda gay yeah, always tio in the basket one.. I feel lousy. Used to score a lot of 3-pointers last year but this year, always air-ball.. Bored..

English was next. English test today also.. Bored x 2.. Don't know why the comprehension tests are all about Egyptian Myths and Legends.. Maybe Mr Tan loves Egyptian history? Overall, the passage is easy to understand but the questions are hard.. I doubt i'll even pass..

Recess, didn't feel like playing basketball already.. Kinda pissed, the guys from 3A keep on snatching the balls away from others.. Feel like shouting at them.. Zzz..

D&T was next, finally finished my former! Did vacuum forming and it was a success! Oh well, that's only one step higher..

After school, went to build the flagstaff for Saturday for the Scout Meeting.. Did it for like 8 hours and it's only half completed.. Oh well, tomorrow had to be the day to complete everything or else Hong Liang a.k.a Mr Chan will scream at the PLC.. Noo, i don't want that!

I want go sleep early.. Later tomorrow encounter problems, don't want to be blur..

Seeya all!

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