March 18, 2007

Finally, i can blog again! I didn't blog because i got some family matters over the past 5 days right after Jobweek. I guess this blogskin rocked my ass off!

Just to start it off, it's already midnight.. For the past few days, i been doing nothing but just using the computer all day long. There's really nothing to do, no mood to do homework and stuff. To add on, there's that freaked up family argument which boils me up. Do not want elaborate further. Just wanna spend my holidays in peace!

Well, didn't went out with friends at all. So bored, used to have class outings with a small group of friends to catch a movie or anything. Now? Nothing.. Damn, i missed those days where we went bowling, watch movies, play arcades and etc. Guess that people changes, tremendously or slightly. I didn't like playing the computer games at home, it's like i'm forced to stay at home and get addicted to it. I'm trying to make myself scram from the gaming and relax outside.. It's over already, the holidays are over.. *sigh*

My report slip got signed already. Luckily, i only failed my Science. When i say i failed Science, i do mean Chemistry AND Physics. Dammit, i need more practices on it. At least i doing much better now, unlike last year where i only get like 2 subject passes.. Mid-Year is coming soon, better buck up.

Stepping Up Ceremony (SUC) is coming this 14th April. It's a ceremony where the Scout Patrol Leaders get promoted AKA step up to a Venture. The thing is, i do not feel confident about becoming one. Maybe because Chee Weijie didn't get promoted when he is in Sec 3? FYI, he's a retained pupil, just like me, and currently he's in Sec 4. I do not know whether it's the age, the rank or the education level which allows you to get promoted. Hopefully, i will get promoted. Mr Kung kept on scaring me that i'll become a SPL. Alamak, if i become SPL, the DSG unit will definitely close down. Maybe because of the fact that i'm not fierce enough. I do not have that kind of ghastly face like what the Army does. Well, crossing my fingers till the SUC!

*For FlyFF-ers*
One final thing, i need you guys to choose a job in Flyff for me =P Haha, i know this sounds awkward. But i will label the pros and cons for each job!
2nd Jobs:
1)Knight - Two-handed sword, with support skills. Low accuracy!
2)Blade - Dual Sword wielder, with offensive skills. Low accuracy!
3)Psykeeper - Uses dark magic like Satan, Crucio. Freezes enemy and attack. Pretty cheap eh?
4)Elementor - Uses all kinds of elemental magic and lotsa AOEs. Probably the highest dealt damage 1v1.
5) Ranger - Uses elemental bow skills, damaging job. Mediocre accuracy.
6) Jester - Uses a Yoyo, some spiked gloves. Highest critical rate and speed. Fastest class.
7) Billposter - Uses supports skills from the 1st job and lotsa punching skills in the 2nd job.
8) Ringmaster - Uses advanced support skills. Considered the Priests of Flyff!

Vote for the job that i should create! I'm doing this because i do not have anymore ideas on which job to make. Need your help, peeps!

Anyway, school's starting today! It's past midnight already.
Goodnight and have a good rest!

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