March 5, 2007

About Scouts.

Everything is screwed. My Yahoo Mail is lagging like fuck. I cannot handle my patrol. Consent forms could not be returned punctually.. Attendance list must update by tomorrow PLC when i just received the file at 9pm. I'm the OIC for jobweek, the prizes are not bought yet. PLC are mostly individuals, we do not work together. One PL does something wrong, all go disturb that PL already. Don't want help as a group, as a PLC, cannot think of solutions. Expect that PL to think everything. In the end, the PL laments on his own. Got what USE?

Ah fuck me already..
Why am i saying this..
Since i write so much already, might as post it..
Let everyone feel my wrath.
Please flame me or concern me..
I just need a MIRACLE!

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