March 20, 2007

Usual stuff eh. Waking up, taking buses to school..

Then after assembly, got three periods of D&T! Great man! During D&T, the boys are looking at the girls who are playing netball as PE. I presume that they are from 3C. Too much eye candy will spoil your eyes!

Then it was Maths. I can't believe that we actually spent two periods doing only 4 QUESTIONS! Haha, one of the weirdest Maths yeah.

Recess. It started raining and i went "WOOHOO!". Stayed in class and used Danilo's laptop which he brought to school. Soon after, Bengshiang plucked his mp3 to the speakers and blasted them. Chinese songs fanatic, haha!

English was next. Mr Chan didn't look too happy, or maybe that's just his face. The article which Mr Chan gave the class last week, i kinda hate it. The article is totally biased. If it were true, that's even worse.

Chinese was next. Slept all the way.

Then got assembly. Boring shit, everything is all about the school.



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