February 28, 2010

Make choices and never look back.

Hi there.

I had fun yesterday. I went to a BBQ organized by my former teacher and loved it. It was really hotter than the usual BBQs I been to, but it was tolerable. The only thing I hated was the timing. It really make me felt that punctuality is to be taken for granted. But maybe some of them had something on.. I'm just saying..

After eating, I decided to play some LAN games with my friends, since it's been months. It seems they found a new LAN hangout. The place was pretty nice, the counter guy looks promising (Unlike the one at Cyrus) and polite. The computers were well-built, but most CPU have heavily fragmented hard drives, which dramatically increases the loading time of games and the occurrence of crashes . I loved the Logitech mouse, compared to the worn out Razers at my former LAN hangout. I was told to play DotA with them, but I hate the game with a passion.

Why I hate DotA?
1. You can never have friendly matches
You'll never hear phrases like, "Nice shot!", "Aw dang, you broke my killstreak!" and "Good game guys!". The last time I heard these phrases was when DotA was first released as an ordinary map, and I played with some of my friends. As DotA evolved, more screaming takes place. Nowadays, all I hear in LAN shops and Garena are people screaming their asses off. "FUCK YOU LAH CHEEBYE", "STOP FEEDING LAH FUCKER", "GO TO LAND # LAH, ASSHOLE", "KS SIA" and many infamous quotes. I try to do my best in DotA matches, but it always ends up in disputes.

2. You might lose friends
I lost friends due to DotA. One of many things I hated was losing friends through a video game. I feel that it's the stupidest way to lose a friend. The title speaks for itself.

3. My ears hurt in Garena
Kids screaming at the top of their voice. Need I say more? It's just a video game, leave it that way. I can't understand why people get so over-dramatic over a mere video game. I'm a competitive gamer myself, and I can keep my calm, why can't they? >_>

I wanted to play Left 4 Dead 2, but the damn game kept crashing.. I played Counter Strike Source instead. After the LAN session, I noticed some my friends smoking. I ignored it anyway, it's their life, they want it. Just remember, make choices and never look back. If you regretted smoking, it means that you made a poor decision. What about me? I'll never smoke. I made a vow to a late friend that I'll never smoke. Never will, don't bother dragging me into the bandwagon.

Had a nice ride home, the taxi driver was very interactive!

I'm done for today!

Peace out.

February 25, 2010


Hi there.

What a day.. Hahaha.. No.

Yesterday, a friend called me, and asked where am I. He thought I was invited for a BBQ which was on that night itself. I told him I wasn't invited or received any invitation of any sort. He sounded confused, and I, too, was extremely confused. Maybe it's for the better.. Cus I'm mostly acquainted to them, and I'd probably sit out like last time.

I.. have nothing further to say. I already see that coming anyway, better early than late.

Anyway, if you have PayPal, do donate some money for Haiti, which is currently under chaos.

Visit the video page and donate at the bottom of the video description. Even a dollar will do. Thanks.

Never gonna wish for a better day anymore.

Peace out.

February 24, 2010

Internet rage.

Hi there.

Is Internet lagging for anyone? I do. While XBOX360 have the Red Ring of Death; computers have the Blue Screen of Death, I have the Green Blinking Light of Death, on my Internet modem. Whenever GBLoD happens, the Internet shuts down and my downloads get hanged. Really, I think I should change my ISP soon.. I'm using Starhub Maxonline, I used to love it a lot, then suddenly after a year, I got an upgrade [Felt like a downgrade] and my Internet speed caps at 250kb/s. After 7pm, my cap reduced to 90kb/s. Oh man..

My mouse broke today. Finally. I went to United Square to purchase a new one.. And damn, I have not gone out for a long time. During a bus ride, I met this girl who was sitting on a seat next to the standing area. I kept staring at her, because I wanted to see her face. Suddenly, she turned and smiled! I gasped, became nervous and went down quickly on the next stop. Gosh, too nervous. But I probably won't see her anymore. She has a short hairstyle, which is so darn cute, well at least it beats generic hairstyles! Oh well, better luck next time.

I'm currently loving my mouse! It's a Razer Salmosa, a fully matted mouse! It feels awesome, just awesome for gaming. To add-on, it's way cheaper than my old mouse. Old stuff is kinda better the new, ain't it?

I'm done. I'm gonna sleep now.
Always looking for a better day ahead. Peace out.

February 23, 2010

Cleaning up.

Hi thar.

No, no, I'm not cleaning up the house. I cleaned up my Facebook applications. I had like 150+ unused applications which are useless for now. I kept getting notifications from applications I don't wish to see.

Anyway, there's nothing much today. I'll be posting pictures of me unboxing Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2 soon. Stay tuned! [I know this should be in my gaming blog.. I don't know why I like it here..]

Always wishing for a better day ahead. Peace out.

February 22, 2010

Heavy Rain.

Hi thar.

It was pouring today and I loved every moment of it. It's been really warm for the past few days and having to live at the top of the flat just makes it even worse. I enjoyed the noises and the water flowing down from the rooftop. It was a magnificent sight nevertheless, once in a while.

If you DID noticed, I have a goal tab on the left. Yeah, I'm hunting for the cheapest XBOX360 set I could find. Reason I'm buying is because most of the games aren't released for the PC. Seems that Microsoft is rather bias to XBOX360 and shows no love for PC users. I spent time counting all the coins I saved throughout last year and accumulated $141. I'm left with a lot, and probably would have to find a job for it.

Today, while playing Modern Warfare 2, a guy with a headset started screaming. He was upset that his friend betrayed him or something. I WAS SURPRISED that everyone actually stopped shooting each other to actually hear him out. It turned out that he's been betrayed by his best friend and currently venting his anger on MW2. Betrayal huh? Venting himself in the game full of hackers might actually make his brain erupt blood.. Seriously. I feel your pain, buddy. That's why I don't trust anyone. =P

To any Steam users out there, do download Braid! Either download the free demo or buy the full version for $14.

It's a side-scrolling puzzle adventure with stunning visuals and beautiful environments. The gameplay is awesome, you can time travel, do lotsa stuff. Grab it if you're bored!

Always wishing for a better day ahead. Do shoutout on my tagboard if you're reading, you know, just to increase my passion for blogging. Peace out.

February 21, 2010

Television time!

Hai thur. (Inspired by Erin.. You made me do it, you punk ass)

I decided to take a break from gaming. So I switched on the television.. And surprise, surprise. Advertisements! Episode 2.

Alright. I watched this ad about some product named Dr. Clean. The name, ugh, is just so corny. There was one too, named Super Muscle, which is just as corny. Two corny names, and two unconvincing advertisements. Dr. Clean's ad showed an actor named Edmund Chen, who pretty much sums up how awesome this product is, by cleaning so-called tough stains, which seemed really fake because those stains in the ad don't look all that tough. The worse thing is printing your own face on the label. I haven't tried this product yet, but I foresee myself against buying this product. I have a stain remover which is not advertised and worked wonders on 5 year old stains.

Super Muscle, on the other hand, won the most corniest advertisement award. It's just so corny. Tough stains are your enemies, but you don't purchase the product, no! You call, "SUPER MUSCLE!". He comes flying into your kitchen like some pseudo super hero and cleans your stains. Ugh, I can't continue. The whole advertisement seemed like it was meant for children, seriously. Dr. Clean's ad wasn't that bad to be honest, just a corny product name, that's all. Super Muscle, wins the corniest award, hands down.

The whole day, there was nothing to watch on TV. So I booted up my PC and watched two movies which I downloaded days ago. They are..

Awesome movie by Stephen King.

Whisper of the Heart, a movie about love and school life. If you watched Spirited Away, you definitely should watch this. It's done by the same creators.

Do watch them and be mesmerized! Last thing to add, it's ironic how old films like Shawshank Redemption (1994) and Whisper of the Heart (1995) are way more fun to watch compared to the CG-efficient movies we watch today. Not to mention, old films received higher scores and better reviews compared to new ones. Are we really degrading? Rofl.

Always wishing for a better day ahead. Peace out.

February 19, 2010

This is how I keep the porn hands-free on my computer.. Just kidding. *smirks*

Oh well, hi there.

What a Friday it has been. Nothing happened. Were you surprised? *of course not*

The skies were pretty dark this afternoon, but it didn't rain.

Have you ever ordered an item from eBay and then waited for it to be delivered at your doorstep every day? I do. I recently placed an order for 3 anticipated games for this year, namely Battlefield - Bad Company 2, Bioshock 2 and Mass Effect 2. I can't wait to play all 3 games, and there's this impatient attitude of mine, which I, eventually, stare out of the window and keep waiting needlessly for a postman or even a single footstep.

Recently, I dropped my Razer Krait mouse on the floor and both the left and right buttons doesn't click when you press it. So I'm planning to get a better mouse.. Well, probably this.

The ultra slick, Razer Deathadder.

But it costs a whopping $100 at maximum. It's kinda hard to find a cheap one in eBay.. So.. I might need to save up again. *drowns in sorrow*

Lastly, have anyone watched Survivor: Heroes vs Villains? It's pretty awesome, a definite must-watch for any Survivor fans. I'm supporting the Villains, because the chicks are there.. Boston Rob is there.. Yeah, pretty much. The Heroes are.. just way over-confident, which cost them 2 immunity challenges. Sugar and Stephenie are out. Heheh. Villains shall rule!

Always wishing for a great day ahead. Peace out.

February 18, 2010

Thursday Morning Insomnia.

Hi there.

I know I have not been updating for quite a while. It's just that I couldn't grasp the need to update everyday. The Lunar New Year holidays have ended.. I've tons of money for my games and my ITE fees and uniform. The Lunar New Year for me, wasn't really exciting. Practically every year I visited my relatives' houses, the general purpose is always to get red packets. It's so hard to interact with everyone because I only visit my relatives once a year. To make matters worse, I don't even know how to speak their language. My mum doesn't want to teach me either. Am I supposed to learn their language from the internet? I can understand Chinese a little better, but they're speaking dialect most of the time. I'm at a loss.. Seriously, this is not how I want to spend my Lunar New Year, but it's the same every damn year..

Currently, I have enough money to purchase 4 games and also pay for my school fees. I'm still jobless.. I've been searching for quite awhile but the recent break from job hunting is making me idle. Makes me wanna just be a social worker.. or do some charity stuff.

I really wished school would start. Yet ironically, on Facebook, I see multiple posts about people sort of complained that school started too early. Don't you wished that you have the power to switch lifestyles? Sigh, people who can't be satisfied with their lives.. I, currently, am sitting on my ass, making it rot for fuck's sake, pushing my damn body to do situps and jog, and I just wanna scream, "FML!" to the whole world. Yeah, like anyone cares. I doubt anyone cares whether I'm dead or alive, roflmao! Everyone's living their life the way they wanted it to be.. Oh gosh, John, you sucked so much. You're an asshole.

Lastly, I hate being kind already. Ignorance is the new gratitude much? Really, I'm sick and tired of people who refuse to say a simple thanks whenever I do something for them. I'm not even asking for much.

Just a simple word, "Thanks."
Woah, that took 1000 years eh? PRETTY HARD EH. I had like gazillion boners.

Gah, seriously. Showing a bit of gratitude doesn't hurt man, it adds a little smile to the person who helped. Look at me, I'm a fucking anti-social, but I still thank people who helped me. I'm just ranting about a day where I helped my friend purchase a box of backup CDs. I traveled for quite a while, only to hear an, "Alright, bye" from my friend. It's like a slap to my face. Geez.

I rant too much.


Always wishing for a great day. Peace out.

February 8, 2010


Hi there.

Nothing to update today.. Just some pictures.

A picture of someone laying on a field. Beautiful.

I brag. A lot.

And some F.E.A.R.


Peace out.

February 5, 2010


Hi there.

I had a suffocating afternoon today. I have no idea whether was it my neighbor downstairs or some repairman, he was smoking near the window right above my room's window. The smoke flowed upwards which eventually gave my room a strong stench. I was bathing at that time, so I had no idea. I fucking hate having to close my windows whenever someone wanna take a stick on the window. My room is on top of the sun (Because I live on the top floor) and really lacking much ventilation. For the whole afternoon, my windows were shut and the room was warm.. Gosh.

I had a bad day too, playing games. Hackers, cheaters and so much more. I don't wish to elaborate. Playing a game of Modern Warfare 2 just boils me up to the max. Before I erupt, I quickly quitted the game. Gosh, hackers are just clusterfuck.

SIGH. What a night. I'm having a splitting headache, so I'm gonna crash soon.

Always hoping for an awesome day. Peace out.

February 4, 2010

Wishing is false hope.

Work of art.

Hi there.

You might have guessed that it's a dark post, a post which strangles and suffocates me in the mind. But no. I had enough of complaining about my life, of other people. It's time to be more, well, optimistic. I used to believe that life is a reversed psychology, you know, you foresaw a negative outcome but it ended up a blessing in disguise. Life was never about wishing, it's what I do with my hands. I already figured it out in the past, but never once I stood and take initiative. Starting today, I shall force myself to exercise, eat less, look on the bright side of life and spend less time in this god-forsaken den. I'll try.. To actually.. LIVE.

Everyday, the skies were gloomy. There was never a bright day. The noises made by my neighbor downstairs was extremely annoying. The Lunar New Year public karaoke with numerous voice breaks was hilarious, but a pain in the ass. In the past, there was a pasar malam before the new year. It was extreme fun, walking around with my family of two, licking candy flosses and those small white things with coconut fillings. Man, those were the best days ever. It was also during that when I gotten my first two Playstation games, Xenogears and Metal Gear Solid, and also the best games I ever played in my life. Now, my neighborhood looks like crap everyday. You'll hear children screaming on top of their voices, groups of youngsters throwing drink cans in the dead of the night, crazy teenagers cycling through the corridor and stupid gossiping aunties. You can say that we've advanced, but I honestly felt that we downgraded, a trillion fold.

A few months left before my course starts. I even heard that someone is heading with me into ITE MacPherson and into Games Design as well. It will be awesome.

There's only one thing I always wished for blindly, which is that tomorrow would be a better day than today. Peace out.