February 18, 2010

Thursday Morning Insomnia.

Hi there.

I know I have not been updating for quite a while. It's just that I couldn't grasp the need to update everyday. The Lunar New Year holidays have ended.. I've tons of money for my games and my ITE fees and uniform. The Lunar New Year for me, wasn't really exciting. Practically every year I visited my relatives' houses, the general purpose is always to get red packets. It's so hard to interact with everyone because I only visit my relatives once a year. To make matters worse, I don't even know how to speak their language. My mum doesn't want to teach me either. Am I supposed to learn their language from the internet? I can understand Chinese a little better, but they're speaking dialect most of the time. I'm at a loss.. Seriously, this is not how I want to spend my Lunar New Year, but it's the same every damn year..

Currently, I have enough money to purchase 4 games and also pay for my school fees. I'm still jobless.. I've been searching for quite awhile but the recent break from job hunting is making me idle. Makes me wanna just be a social worker.. or do some charity stuff.

I really wished school would start. Yet ironically, on Facebook, I see multiple posts about people sort of complained that school started too early. Don't you wished that you have the power to switch lifestyles? Sigh, people who can't be satisfied with their lives.. I, currently, am sitting on my ass, making it rot for fuck's sake, pushing my damn body to do situps and jog, and I just wanna scream, "FML!" to the whole world. Yeah, like anyone cares. I doubt anyone cares whether I'm dead or alive, roflmao! Everyone's living their life the way they wanted it to be.. Oh gosh, John, you sucked so much. You're an asshole.

Lastly, I hate being kind already. Ignorance is the new gratitude much? Really, I'm sick and tired of people who refuse to say a simple thanks whenever I do something for them. I'm not even asking for much.

Just a simple word, "Thanks."
Woah, that took 1000 years eh? PRETTY HARD EH. I had like gazillion boners.

Gah, seriously. Showing a bit of gratitude doesn't hurt man, it adds a little smile to the person who helped. Look at me, I'm a fucking anti-social, but I still thank people who helped me. I'm just ranting about a day where I helped my friend purchase a box of backup CDs. I traveled for quite a while, only to hear an, "Alright, bye" from my friend. It's like a slap to my face. Geez.

I rant too much.


Always wishing for a great day. Peace out.

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