February 28, 2010

Make choices and never look back.

Hi there.

I had fun yesterday. I went to a BBQ organized by my former teacher and loved it. It was really hotter than the usual BBQs I been to, but it was tolerable. The only thing I hated was the timing. It really make me felt that punctuality is to be taken for granted. But maybe some of them had something on.. I'm just saying..

After eating, I decided to play some LAN games with my friends, since it's been months. It seems they found a new LAN hangout. The place was pretty nice, the counter guy looks promising (Unlike the one at Cyrus) and polite. The computers were well-built, but most CPU have heavily fragmented hard drives, which dramatically increases the loading time of games and the occurrence of crashes . I loved the Logitech mouse, compared to the worn out Razers at my former LAN hangout. I was told to play DotA with them, but I hate the game with a passion.

Why I hate DotA?
1. You can never have friendly matches
You'll never hear phrases like, "Nice shot!", "Aw dang, you broke my killstreak!" and "Good game guys!". The last time I heard these phrases was when DotA was first released as an ordinary map, and I played with some of my friends. As DotA evolved, more screaming takes place. Nowadays, all I hear in LAN shops and Garena are people screaming their asses off. "FUCK YOU LAH CHEEBYE", "STOP FEEDING LAH FUCKER", "GO TO LAND # LAH, ASSHOLE", "KS SIA" and many infamous quotes. I try to do my best in DotA matches, but it always ends up in disputes.

2. You might lose friends
I lost friends due to DotA. One of many things I hated was losing friends through a video game. I feel that it's the stupidest way to lose a friend. The title speaks for itself.

3. My ears hurt in Garena
Kids screaming at the top of their voice. Need I say more? It's just a video game, leave it that way. I can't understand why people get so over-dramatic over a mere video game. I'm a competitive gamer myself, and I can keep my calm, why can't they? >_>

I wanted to play Left 4 Dead 2, but the damn game kept crashing.. I played Counter Strike Source instead. After the LAN session, I noticed some my friends smoking. I ignored it anyway, it's their life, they want it. Just remember, make choices and never look back. If you regretted smoking, it means that you made a poor decision. What about me? I'll never smoke. I made a vow to a late friend that I'll never smoke. Never will, don't bother dragging me into the bandwagon.

Had a nice ride home, the taxi driver was very interactive!

I'm done for today!

Peace out.

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