February 5, 2010


Hi there.

I had a suffocating afternoon today. I have no idea whether was it my neighbor downstairs or some repairman, he was smoking near the window right above my room's window. The smoke flowed upwards which eventually gave my room a strong stench. I was bathing at that time, so I had no idea. I fucking hate having to close my windows whenever someone wanna take a stick on the window. My room is on top of the sun (Because I live on the top floor) and really lacking much ventilation. For the whole afternoon, my windows were shut and the room was warm.. Gosh.

I had a bad day too, playing games. Hackers, cheaters and so much more. I don't wish to elaborate. Playing a game of Modern Warfare 2 just boils me up to the max. Before I erupt, I quickly quitted the game. Gosh, hackers are just clusterfuck.

SIGH. What a night. I'm having a splitting headache, so I'm gonna crash soon.

Always hoping for an awesome day. Peace out.

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