February 4, 2010

Wishing is false hope.

Work of art.

Hi there.

You might have guessed that it's a dark post, a post which strangles and suffocates me in the mind. But no. I had enough of complaining about my life, of other people. It's time to be more, well, optimistic. I used to believe that life is a reversed psychology, you know, you foresaw a negative outcome but it ended up a blessing in disguise. Life was never about wishing, it's what I do with my hands. I already figured it out in the past, but never once I stood and take initiative. Starting today, I shall force myself to exercise, eat less, look on the bright side of life and spend less time in this god-forsaken den. I'll try.. To actually.. LIVE.

Everyday, the skies were gloomy. There was never a bright day. The noises made by my neighbor downstairs was extremely annoying. The Lunar New Year public karaoke with numerous voice breaks was hilarious, but a pain in the ass. In the past, there was a pasar malam before the new year. It was extreme fun, walking around with my family of two, licking candy flosses and those small white things with coconut fillings. Man, those were the best days ever. It was also during that when I gotten my first two Playstation games, Xenogears and Metal Gear Solid, and also the best games I ever played in my life. Now, my neighborhood looks like crap everyday. You'll hear children screaming on top of their voices, groups of youngsters throwing drink cans in the dead of the night, crazy teenagers cycling through the corridor and stupid gossiping aunties. You can say that we've advanced, but I honestly felt that we downgraded, a trillion fold.

A few months left before my course starts. I even heard that someone is heading with me into ITE MacPherson and into Games Design as well. It will be awesome.

There's only one thing I always wished for blindly, which is that tomorrow would be a better day than today. Peace out.

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