February 21, 2010

Television time!

Hai thur. (Inspired by Erin.. You made me do it, you punk ass)

I decided to take a break from gaming. So I switched on the television.. And surprise, surprise. Advertisements! Episode 2.

Alright. I watched this ad about some product named Dr. Clean. The name, ugh, is just so corny. There was one too, named Super Muscle, which is just as corny. Two corny names, and two unconvincing advertisements. Dr. Clean's ad showed an actor named Edmund Chen, who pretty much sums up how awesome this product is, by cleaning so-called tough stains, which seemed really fake because those stains in the ad don't look all that tough. The worse thing is printing your own face on the label. I haven't tried this product yet, but I foresee myself against buying this product. I have a stain remover which is not advertised and worked wonders on 5 year old stains.

Super Muscle, on the other hand, won the most corniest advertisement award. It's just so corny. Tough stains are your enemies, but you don't purchase the product, no! You call, "SUPER MUSCLE!". He comes flying into your kitchen like some pseudo super hero and cleans your stains. Ugh, I can't continue. The whole advertisement seemed like it was meant for children, seriously. Dr. Clean's ad wasn't that bad to be honest, just a corny product name, that's all. Super Muscle, wins the corniest award, hands down.

The whole day, there was nothing to watch on TV. So I booted up my PC and watched two movies which I downloaded days ago. They are..

Awesome movie by Stephen King.

Whisper of the Heart, a movie about love and school life. If you watched Spirited Away, you definitely should watch this. It's done by the same creators.

Do watch them and be mesmerized! Last thing to add, it's ironic how old films like Shawshank Redemption (1994) and Whisper of the Heart (1995) are way more fun to watch compared to the CG-efficient movies we watch today. Not to mention, old films received higher scores and better reviews compared to new ones. Are we really degrading? Rofl.

Always wishing for a better day ahead. Peace out.

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