February 24, 2010

Internet rage.

Hi there.

Is Internet lagging for anyone? I do. While XBOX360 have the Red Ring of Death; computers have the Blue Screen of Death, I have the Green Blinking Light of Death, on my Internet modem. Whenever GBLoD happens, the Internet shuts down and my downloads get hanged. Really, I think I should change my ISP soon.. I'm using Starhub Maxonline, I used to love it a lot, then suddenly after a year, I got an upgrade [Felt like a downgrade] and my Internet speed caps at 250kb/s. After 7pm, my cap reduced to 90kb/s. Oh man..

My mouse broke today. Finally. I went to United Square to purchase a new one.. And damn, I have not gone out for a long time. During a bus ride, I met this girl who was sitting on a seat next to the standing area. I kept staring at her, because I wanted to see her face. Suddenly, she turned and smiled! I gasped, became nervous and went down quickly on the next stop. Gosh, too nervous. But I probably won't see her anymore. She has a short hairstyle, which is so darn cute, well at least it beats generic hairstyles! Oh well, better luck next time.

I'm currently loving my mouse! It's a Razer Salmosa, a fully matted mouse! It feels awesome, just awesome for gaming. To add-on, it's way cheaper than my old mouse. Old stuff is kinda better the new, ain't it?

I'm done. I'm gonna sleep now.
Always looking for a better day ahead. Peace out.

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