February 22, 2010

Heavy Rain.

Hi thar.

It was pouring today and I loved every moment of it. It's been really warm for the past few days and having to live at the top of the flat just makes it even worse. I enjoyed the noises and the water flowing down from the rooftop. It was a magnificent sight nevertheless, once in a while.

If you DID noticed, I have a goal tab on the left. Yeah, I'm hunting for the cheapest XBOX360 set I could find. Reason I'm buying is because most of the games aren't released for the PC. Seems that Microsoft is rather bias to XBOX360 and shows no love for PC users. I spent time counting all the coins I saved throughout last year and accumulated $141. I'm left with a lot, and probably would have to find a job for it.

Today, while playing Modern Warfare 2, a guy with a headset started screaming. He was upset that his friend betrayed him or something. I WAS SURPRISED that everyone actually stopped shooting each other to actually hear him out. It turned out that he's been betrayed by his best friend and currently venting his anger on MW2. Betrayal huh? Venting himself in the game full of hackers might actually make his brain erupt blood.. Seriously. I feel your pain, buddy. That's why I don't trust anyone. =P

To any Steam users out there, do download Braid! Either download the free demo or buy the full version for $14.

It's a side-scrolling puzzle adventure with stunning visuals and beautiful environments. The gameplay is awesome, you can time travel, do lotsa stuff. Grab it if you're bored!

Always wishing for a better day ahead. Do shoutout on my tagboard if you're reading, you know, just to increase my passion for blogging. Peace out.

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