January 31, 2010


Hi there.

I was walking around my house just now, and I found a group of people smoking. That wasn't all though. There were 4 of them, 3 smoking and one wasn't. That non-smoker must have felt left out. Clearly, the 3 smokers were pressurizing the boy (He looked 15 or 16), by throwing insults at him, you know, those infamous private part quotes. They were shouting at him, and he looked as if the world's gonna fall on him. I didn't care and just walked away. Pressurizing someone to smoke a stick? How.. not persuasive.

I received news that ITE Dover's staffroom was gutted in fire. I refused to believe it at first, but after I did some thorough search on Google, it really did happened. Now, I'm surprised. Of all places, the staffroom? Someone must have a grudge against him. Or maybe.. it's just an accident. I hope it doesn't happen at my campus. I heard my campus is pretty small.. but I like it. Especially if it's small, but with a big heart. It's balanced.

To be honest, I really can't wait to enter ITE. It may sound weird but for once, I think I'll be able to make friends that share the same gaming hobby with me. Cool eh.

One of these years.. I wanna migrate to either Japan or New York. I don't know why, but I suddenly don't like it in Singapore. Prices are skyrocketing, interest rates everywhere. Maybe Singapore's rates are lowest among all countries.. But I find the rates unbelievable. Oh well, I shall see.. in the future.

I'm done for today.. Peace out!

January 28, 2010


January Wallpaper.

I wanna go berserk one day.
I wanna smash bricks.
I wanna kick balls.

Just about anything to satisfy my wrath.

January 24, 2010


Hi there.

Well.. Well.. Well..
It's my birthday today! I'm 19 years old now.. Pretty old eh?

Chungaik and Erin asked me why I did not celebrate my birthday.. As some people noticed, the birthday celebrations in the past were not arranged by me, no. It was my friends. I celebrated a total of 4 times, 2 times when I was young and 2 times in Secondary school. I treasured those 4 celebrations very much, I kept photos of it with me, except for my last celebration, where I got sprayed with cream. My first two celebrations happened when I was young, after that, my family had some kind of trouble and then, I never celebrated then. For well around 5-6 years without birthday celebrations, I gotten used to it. I always thought of my own birthday as a normal, ordinary day. This is me.. Once I gotten used to it, I'll find it hard to kick the habit.

For the whole day, I was at home, refreshing Facebook everytime to see new greetings. Each time I see a new one, I gotten a little happier. I was a little disappointed when some old friends of mine whom I expected to wish me a happy birthday didn't do so. I was a little sensitive, but I thought to myself the whole day, "Why should you care? You're 19 anyway!". So eventually, I grew numb of my stupid thoughts and actually just be happy. Adding on, I celebrated my birthday with video games, yeah, really. I'm pretty much a no-lifer.

I also watched Brad played VVVVVV on the 4PlayerPodcast live show. I'm so glad he made me happy, although he doesn't know it. His hilarious voice-overs and raging made me laughed like mad! Thank you, Brad, even if you're not reading this but you made mine and many's others day. Anyway, if you wanna play VVVVVV, click here. I agree it's a pretty weird name for a game, but be sure to play it! It's very challenging and mind-raging at times! Enjoy!

I gotten 3 presents. One from my mother, one from my maid and one from Jiemin! My mother bought me a new phone (Which most of my friends already knew), my maid bought me a deodorant (After all, she washes my clothes!) and Jiemin bought me a really cool plushie!

Thanks! I placed it next to my computer, which I use daily. Her present's the tallest one. Thanks again!

Well, my birthday's gonna be over. Today sucks anyway.

Peace out!

January 23, 2010


Hi there.

After watching much television today, I realized what's making it so annoying for me.


Yeah, ads! It's always the worst thing that ever happened in the middle of a movie screening. Anyway, it's like, practically no one is able to make a good advertisement anymore. I recalled seeing one ad which showed some "awesome" product for sale and the producer of this ad probably bribed a child into saying, "ZOMFG THIS IS SO AWESOME! YOU MUST BUY!". Seriously, the ad felt so.. fake and gay (RayWilliamJohnson FTW!). There are ads similar to this.. Like body-slimming ads. MAYBE some of them are real, and some fake.. and gay too. I really can't bring myself to believe that a celebrity that looked slim actually looks fat? Does that make any sense? Plenty of these.. ads are full of exaggerations.

Makes me wonder.. Who actually fell for these ads? Anyway, there are hardly any good ads in the TV. Personally, I liked the Heineken ad which showed a bunch of girls freaking out over fashion clothing and accessories, while a bunch of guys freaked out over BEER! The way they freaked out is seemingly hilarious! They looked as if they're having an orgasm..

These producers really.. must start doing convincing ads otherwise.. the internet will be the new television!

Well, to end it off.. Please visit my gaming blog for updates on games!

Peace out!

January 22, 2010


Hi there.

Reason why I have not been updating is well.. I have nothing to update about! Actually, I have nothing to update today as well.. Pretty ironic.

Well, I created a gaming blog. Here's the link.
In the past, people used to complain about me posting about games. Now I have two separate blogs, so do visit my gaming blog if you game a lot!

My birthday is around the corner.. and I'm having a bad feeling about it. Well, for one, my past girlfriend isn't here to celebrate with me anymore.. Sigh. I think I'll be just walking around the park for my birthday! I'm sure it will be a nostalgic walk I hope. I have to smile often too, I've been frowning way too much..

I'm done for today.

Peace out.

January 18, 2010


Hi there.

I noticed that all (Or most) of my friends' blogs are dead. Maybe I should jump on the bandwagon as well eh? Haha. Maybe I'll still continue.. Regardless whether anyone is reading it or not. When I get sick of blogging, I'll stop.

Nothing to blog today.. There's nothing keeping this blog alive. Haha.


Peace out.

January 17, 2010


Oh hi there.

Today sucks. Really. I was enjoying a live gameplay on www.justin.tv when some dude butts in and starts a flame war. It's amazing how one can have a passion at disruption. The key word for a flame war is [insert whatever here] sucks. That's all. How can something suck? Everyone has their own opinions about something.. If someone likes Hannah Montana/Call of Duty/Britney Spears or whatever, deal with it man. Why pour all the hatred over them? That flame war lasted for 2 hours, seriously. Jeez, man..

Anyway, I was watching some horror gameplays with Erin today. Man, I was spooked. My heart jumped many times. As usual, she wasn't affected totally, only a few scenes freaked her out. We picked three videos to post on my blog. Starting with..

Quiet Terror (The House)

Hell, this was kinda scary.. Typical horror, but it gets me every single time..

The Urkel Dance Brings The Dead (4PlayerPodcast)

Not as scary, but funny as hell. Just listen to the person playing it freak out! Haha!

Wat ya doin' snoooping in my window?!? (Fatal Frame 2) [4PP]


Well, I'm done for today.

Peace out.

January 16, 2010


Hi there.

As you've noticed, I'm changed the blog layout. The previous layout gave me eye problems. I read my past posts a few weeks ago and I kept seeing lines everywhere for a minute or two. It's quite annoying. So I changed it! The font color is darker, and it's much comfortable to the eyes. If there's a problem anywhere, please tag alright.

Earlier just now, did anyone heard any loud noises of some sort? It sounded like crackers, gunfire or some tiny explosion or something. It caught me at first and I initially thought that Singapore's in trouble. I tried searching Google Singapore's latest update about any websites, but there isn't any. I tuned into Channel Newsasia and there's no news update about it either. Is there some kind of event going on right now?

Another update. I imported every post from my old blog (www.leavemealone-solitude.blogspot.com) into this blog. So you can view all my old posts when I was still in lower Secondary! Enjoy!

I guess that's all for today. I pretty much gamed the whole day.

Hi Heamen! Hey, we're acquainted so it's alright. Regarding the BBQ, I'm still thinking about it. I might actually go. I don't know. The enthusiasm isn't there, and of course my desire to attend one is long gone. I'll SMS my response to Miss Pang next week.
Hi Xueli! Thanks for the answer! Still a pretty long way to go.. Oh well.

Peace out.

January 15, 2010


Hi there.

I've been thinking all day long.. About how I'll start my life in ITE.

The beginning of every new level or education ended up hilarious or embarrassing for me. For instance.. When I was in Secondary 1, I was very confused. It was my first time in a mixed gender school. Not knowing the correct sitting arrangement, I sat in front of the girls during assembly! Yeah, nobody told me where I'm supposed to sit. Only later, I found out that girls were supposed to sit in front and boys, at the back. How embarrassing!

Now, thinking about ITE, I'm a bit worried. I have no friends to tag with. Yeah, I have no idea who's going with me into ITE Central, MacPherson. If you are, please tag, so I can feel more confident.. I chose ITE Central also because I live closer to the CBD area of Singapore, thus less traveling time. I can't wait for the posting results to be released. I really want to be in Games Design and Development! If I can't enter, I have to appeal somehow.. [I heard that the posting results will be released in late January, according to a friend. Is there a confirmed date?]

About today.. Well. Everyday, ever since the results release, sucked. I've been living in regret ever since. I try to liven myself up.

Today in Facebook, I saw Miss Pang's notice about a 5B BBQ at 27th February. In the past, I always mentioned how much I wanted a class BBQ for once. Right now, that desire to have one is absolute zero. I wanted a class outing before the results release.. But now, after knowing my results, how can I be in the mood for one? I don't know, man. Since it's a teacher organizing it, I might go.. or not. I lost the 5B spirit. Sorry. Still, I'll organize the future outing at the year 2012.

Talking about Facebook.. Everytime I'm in Facebook, I'll always get jealous at least once. It's either someone posting that he got a Blackberry/iTouch or whatever, a PS3/XBOX360 of some sort and of course, the worst of all, someone posting that he got XX points for O level and he can't believe it or something. I'm also avoiding Facebook for the time being until everything about the O level results settles down.. Ugh, I hate this feeling. *_*

Hey, Fengying! I was speechless when you called me Bro. Well.. Anyone who's a single child should understand the awesomeness of being called a Bro. Haha. Thank you btw!
Erin! LMAO? What are you referring to?

NOTE: Anyone wanna find a job with me? Or has a job recommendation? I felt I'm glued at home due to my aftershock.. Lmao. Please SMS, alright?

Peace out.

January 14, 2010


Sigh. Blogging woes.

Typed a sentence, deleted it, typed a sentence and deleted it again.


January 13, 2010


Hey there.

It's been 2 days since the O level results release and so far, I've seen in the newspapers that 2009's O level cohort was the best among all these years. It's good news I guess? So, 2009's O level students have set the bar high, and does that mean next year's Polytechnic COP for courses will be lower? I have no idea.. Why am I even thinking of that?

People have been tagging on my tagbox and encouraging me as well. My cousins and old friends from Facebook, likewise. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude.

Thank you very much. I won't give up just yet.

All these years, I never made good decisions. I lost all my friends in Primary school. I lost about 3/4 of my friends before I retained and right now, I don't even want to think about it. It's pretty much on my own now. It makes me think that the word friend, is indeed, only a word. I defined the word, friend, way back. Or maybe I'm a bad person myself?

I hate to abide by this saying. Trust only leads to betrayal. I swore to myself, never to abide by this saying. But somehow, this saying is being dragged into my brain. It's so painful, it hurts.

My birthday's around the corner and I also don't want to think about it. I disappointed my Mother enough with my own actions alone. Realistically speaking, I'm the biggest burden in her life right now. She bought me a handphone, which I don't deserve, but she still insists I have it. For my punishment, on my birthday, I shall punch the wall 19 times, to account for my mistakes. Some of you who didn't know, I punish myself by punching the wall. After my birthday, I shall stand and work hard from there on. If there's a Degree cert for Games Design, I'll try to work for it. It's the least I could do to make my only parent, proud.

I was pretty down the whole day. I sighed repeatedly and couldn't laugh at all. I think I can never smile again. I suffered the whole afternoon, laying on my bed and staring at the ceiling. Me, saying that I'll stand up and make my Mother proud is all talk. I need to push myself, but nobody's there to give a push. My maid's leaving this year, after serving me for 19 years. My Mother's gonna retire as soon as I found a job, enough to pay for bills and more. After I finished ITE, I have to get enlisted for NS and nobody's taking care of my Mother.. Unless I finally meet my life partner.. My girlfriend.. I don't know, sigh. Life's decisions..

I'm gonna be a sole breadwinner soon, with this current situation, wow. John, John, John. You have brought down yourself and your family. You ought to be punished. You have better lessen on gaming and focus on studies.

One last chance.. ITE.
I will take it and work hard.

Peace out.

January 11, 2010


Hi guys.

I apologize for not updating for quite a while. It's just that the results release was just around the corner and I could not relax.

Well, the day arrived.. AND of course, I was pretty disappointed at myself. It's probably a wake-up call for myself. I tried to think neutral, but it's very hard. I ended up even more hurt than ever. I gotten 28 points, and I'm not even eligible for Nursing in Polytechnic (Why the hell would I even go to Nursing?). I decided to suck it up. I applied for Games Design & Development in ITE College Central, MacPherson Campus. Even though I failed to enter into a Polytechnic, I'm still sharpening up one of my favorite hobbies, Gaming.

I know some people would say that I'm so old and stuff like that. 19 considered old?

Anyway, it's a good plan. Assuming I got accepted for Games Design, I have to spend 10 weeks on a preparatory course for Higher Nitec, and for the rest of the year, it'll be modules. I'll be spending 2 years in ITE, and then get enlisted in the NS.

I probably won't be getting a good salary compared to those entering Polytechnics. Maybe I'll be single for life? Haha. The people around me suddenly changed. Because I'm going into ITE? Maybe. I can see for myself, who are really friends and who are just posers.

Finally.. I'm just gonna regain my composure. I punched my wall several times just now and I think I broke some bones? Haha. I really need to go for boxing lessons. It's harder to type now since it's all just pain. Among everyone, there's only ONE person who messaged me to encourage me, no matter what, all the best for my future (You know who you are). Thank you very much, for being compassionate. I could not express my gratitude enough. I might treat you to a meal one day! Thank you, friend and get well soon!

I might not be updating for a few days, cus I need to relax and also cross my fingers that I'll get accepted for Higher Nitec in Games Design!

Peace out!

January 4, 2010


Good evening people!

I was so.. full of joy today! My gaming computer, which was busted a few days ago, came back with repairs due to warranty. I booted it up, and it was perfect! Somehow, I lost my reflexes and skills at Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2. I haven't MW2 for like.. 4 days? It's amazing how such a short period actually made me deteriorate in the game..

Currently, I'm addicted to Cruel Temptation, that Korean drama. I have no idea why people said that boys who watched Korean dramas are disgusting. What's wrong with watching a drama? I seriously don't understand. I learned life values from these kind of dramas. Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, Singaporean dramas.. They're all awesome. I do hate some Singaporean dramas though, I do like the current drama at 9pm, which is titled 当我们同在一起. It's an awesome drama from the start, and I foresee some kind of twist at the end. Nevertheless, one of Singapore's better dramas. I also watched Singapore's telemovie, named The Promise. It was awesome for a Singapore production!

Well, there's nothing much today..

Chillax and peace out!

January 3, 2010


What's up, you bastards.. HAH HAH, I'm just kidding.


I'm all hyped up for this new year. I'm gonna find a better JOB! A job that pays me enough so that I could purchase all the things I want for this year. So this post will be dedicated to me, showing items that I want badly and WHY I want them! So.. Without further ado, let's BEGIN!

1. Cruel Temptation (Korean Drama DVD with English Subs!)
Price - GBP 59.99 [Approx. $136.01 with FREE POSTAGE]
Source - ebay.com.sg
Reason - Why I want this so badly.. Well, first of all, I have to say, I FREAKING LOVE this Korean drama. It definitely has to be one of my biggest favorites. I'm emotionally attached with the main protagonist of the drama, named Gu Eun-jae. I couldn't find all the episodes online, I managed to find a few of them, but the gap in between is around 5-10 episodes. I started watching this drama at Episode 20 (I think?), when she drowned to her so-called, death. That's when her plan for revenge started and probably the true beginning of the story. Downside is, this drama has well around 1-129 episodes and Channel U's showing it for 5 days a week ONLY. It's very slow because the story gets more intriguing everytime an episode finishes. I have to get this DVD, BECAUSE IT FUCKING ENDS ON MY BIRTHDAY! (And it's the cheapest on eBay, Poh Kim stores sells cheaper, but shows only Chinese Subs) FML.

2. iPod Classic 160GB
Price - S$388.00 with FREE SHIPPING
Source - apple.com
Reason - I know you guys would be asking.. Why get a Classic when you can get iPhone/iTouch? Very simple.. I already have a phone. I'm currently using a Sony Ericsson Yari, which was an advanced birthday present from my mother! So I kept thinking, iTouch apps aren't that interesting anyway (After meddling with Chungaik's, Muhib's and Erin's iPhones/iTouch), and not to mention, a mere 32GB iPhone costs BEASTLY, compared to this 160GB. I wanna watch movies on the go, and because I'm used to watching movies on such small screens (My W910i). I also got 50GBs worth of movies in my computer, along with 10GB worth of music. Somehow, an iPod Classic and my SE Yari looked like a perfect couple!

3. Diamond ATI Radeon HD5870 Video Card
Price - US$429.99 [Approx. S$ 603.80]
Source - tigerdirect.com / newegg.com
Reason - What can I say? I'm a computer geek, I want better graphics, better performance for every game I play. This card would probably last me 5-6 years depending on how fast technology advances. I might get this a little later because it's so darn expensive that I might actually get it during Christmas 2010!

4. SONY VAIO Laptop
Price - S$700 ~ S$3500+
Source - ebay.com.sg / sony.com.sg
Reason - I have a huge liking for VAIO laptops and the way they look. I might get a regular laptop in the meantime. I just want a laptop that allows me to work fast, play Diablo 2 smoothly and still survive! I might delay this later in the year or even next year, I don't know. Not my top priority though.

5. New Shirts, New Shoes
Price - Varies
Source - dcshoes.com [Shoes/Caps] and for shirts, I don't know
Reason - Well, it's time I hypened up my dress sense because you guys always find me in the same, similar, boring clothes that I wore time and time again. It's time to look better, fresher and more confident. Provided that I'm going to Poly, I DO need a makeover of some sort. Whether I'll get new clothes and accessories, it will depend on my results on the 11-13 January (Thanks Jiemin for providing the info, I should've checked the SEAB website first, but is there a confirmed date? Or we could collect our O level results any day from 11-13 January? A little confused here..)

Well, that makes up my wishlist for the rest of this year. HOPEFULLY, I'll get all of it.

AND.. I'm done!

The skies' looking pretty sad, for a new year. Let's hope that it gets better!

Chillax and peace out, bastards! (Poopsie!)

January 2, 2010


What's up, people.

I know.. I have not been updating for AGES! AEONS! GAZILLIONS! I KNOW! I KNOW! I've been playing computer games, watching the latest Korean drama titled Cruel Temptation on Channel U. If you haven't watched it, WATCH IT NOW! I wish that someone would purchase this Cruel Temptation DVD for me on my birthday, but it costs like $140+, so it's FAT HOPE pretty much.

Also during last month, I had my daily exercise routine. I ran about 6 rounds each day, downstairs at the nearby jogging track. To be honest, I felt lighter and more flexible than usual. HOWEVER, I do not see a change on my bulge. It's still round as EVER! Jogging was tiring, and without much determination and encouragement from anybody (Including my family), I ceased exercising on the 30th, unfortunately.

I played back all my past online games, which included Atlantica Online, Flyff, Granado Espada and even MAPLESTORY. I wanted to ask people to join me online, but I figured that everyone might be working their butts off, so I stepped back. I also played some Playstation 2 games, which includes Final Fantasy X, Onimusha 2 & 3, Tekken 5 and much more. Life was never THIS boring during the holidays.. I even wished that school would start earlier!

Speaking about school, I'm WAY too eager to know my O level results. BE IT ITE OR POLY, I just want to get my butt to school. Make new friends, hopefully a group of gamers, ESPECIALLY female gamers! But when is the O level results gonna be released? This month I heard, probably Mid-Jan or something, I DON'T KNOW! Someone please confirm?

Christmas, yeah. I celebrated Christmas with my computer, along with SHAYTARDS and CTFxC on Youtube. It felt lifeless. It reminded of that Japanese dude who married a DS Lite, which has a game on virtual reality girls. Gawd.. In the end, Christmas was just another, well, absolutely normal day.

I was wishing for a class outing of any sort, be it a chalet, movie screening or just plain wack! I'm beginning to doubt that at least 80% of the class would come for my future gatherings, probably before 2012. Lemme set a date out of random. How about 11th December 2012? :D


To work my ass off, to find a girlfriend, to get the best fucking computer and to go NS!

Anyway, I'm done blogging.
I'm trying to mimic the Youtube Vloggers by saying I will vlog everyday till I die.


Chillax and peace out, people _m/