January 2, 2010


What's up, people.

I know.. I have not been updating for AGES! AEONS! GAZILLIONS! I KNOW! I KNOW! I've been playing computer games, watching the latest Korean drama titled Cruel Temptation on Channel U. If you haven't watched it, WATCH IT NOW! I wish that someone would purchase this Cruel Temptation DVD for me on my birthday, but it costs like $140+, so it's FAT HOPE pretty much.

Also during last month, I had my daily exercise routine. I ran about 6 rounds each day, downstairs at the nearby jogging track. To be honest, I felt lighter and more flexible than usual. HOWEVER, I do not see a change on my bulge. It's still round as EVER! Jogging was tiring, and without much determination and encouragement from anybody (Including my family), I ceased exercising on the 30th, unfortunately.

I played back all my past online games, which included Atlantica Online, Flyff, Granado Espada and even MAPLESTORY. I wanted to ask people to join me online, but I figured that everyone might be working their butts off, so I stepped back. I also played some Playstation 2 games, which includes Final Fantasy X, Onimusha 2 & 3, Tekken 5 and much more. Life was never THIS boring during the holidays.. I even wished that school would start earlier!

Speaking about school, I'm WAY too eager to know my O level results. BE IT ITE OR POLY, I just want to get my butt to school. Make new friends, hopefully a group of gamers, ESPECIALLY female gamers! But when is the O level results gonna be released? This month I heard, probably Mid-Jan or something, I DON'T KNOW! Someone please confirm?

Christmas, yeah. I celebrated Christmas with my computer, along with SHAYTARDS and CTFxC on Youtube. It felt lifeless. It reminded of that Japanese dude who married a DS Lite, which has a game on virtual reality girls. Gawd.. In the end, Christmas was just another, well, absolutely normal day.

I was wishing for a class outing of any sort, be it a chalet, movie screening or just plain wack! I'm beginning to doubt that at least 80% of the class would come for my future gatherings, probably before 2012. Lemme set a date out of random. How about 11th December 2012? :D


To work my ass off, to find a girlfriend, to get the best fucking computer and to go NS!

Anyway, I'm done blogging.
I'm trying to mimic the Youtube Vloggers by saying I will vlog everyday till I die.


Chillax and peace out, people _m/

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