January 15, 2010


Hi there.

I've been thinking all day long.. About how I'll start my life in ITE.

The beginning of every new level or education ended up hilarious or embarrassing for me. For instance.. When I was in Secondary 1, I was very confused. It was my first time in a mixed gender school. Not knowing the correct sitting arrangement, I sat in front of the girls during assembly! Yeah, nobody told me where I'm supposed to sit. Only later, I found out that girls were supposed to sit in front and boys, at the back. How embarrassing!

Now, thinking about ITE, I'm a bit worried. I have no friends to tag with. Yeah, I have no idea who's going with me into ITE Central, MacPherson. If you are, please tag, so I can feel more confident.. I chose ITE Central also because I live closer to the CBD area of Singapore, thus less traveling time. I can't wait for the posting results to be released. I really want to be in Games Design and Development! If I can't enter, I have to appeal somehow.. [I heard that the posting results will be released in late January, according to a friend. Is there a confirmed date?]

About today.. Well. Everyday, ever since the results release, sucked. I've been living in regret ever since. I try to liven myself up.

Today in Facebook, I saw Miss Pang's notice about a 5B BBQ at 27th February. In the past, I always mentioned how much I wanted a class BBQ for once. Right now, that desire to have one is absolute zero. I wanted a class outing before the results release.. But now, after knowing my results, how can I be in the mood for one? I don't know, man. Since it's a teacher organizing it, I might go.. or not. I lost the 5B spirit. Sorry. Still, I'll organize the future outing at the year 2012.

Talking about Facebook.. Everytime I'm in Facebook, I'll always get jealous at least once. It's either someone posting that he got a Blackberry/iTouch or whatever, a PS3/XBOX360 of some sort and of course, the worst of all, someone posting that he got XX points for O level and he can't believe it or something. I'm also avoiding Facebook for the time being until everything about the O level results settles down.. Ugh, I hate this feeling. *_*

Hey, Fengying! I was speechless when you called me Bro. Well.. Anyone who's a single child should understand the awesomeness of being called a Bro. Haha. Thank you btw!
Erin! LMAO? What are you referring to?

NOTE: Anyone wanna find a job with me? Or has a job recommendation? I felt I'm glued at home due to my aftershock.. Lmao. Please SMS, alright?

Peace out.

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