January 3, 2010


What's up, you bastards.. HAH HAH, I'm just kidding.


I'm all hyped up for this new year. I'm gonna find a better JOB! A job that pays me enough so that I could purchase all the things I want for this year. So this post will be dedicated to me, showing items that I want badly and WHY I want them! So.. Without further ado, let's BEGIN!

1. Cruel Temptation (Korean Drama DVD with English Subs!)
Price - GBP 59.99 [Approx. $136.01 with FREE POSTAGE]
Source - ebay.com.sg
Reason - Why I want this so badly.. Well, first of all, I have to say, I FREAKING LOVE this Korean drama. It definitely has to be one of my biggest favorites. I'm emotionally attached with the main protagonist of the drama, named Gu Eun-jae. I couldn't find all the episodes online, I managed to find a few of them, but the gap in between is around 5-10 episodes. I started watching this drama at Episode 20 (I think?), when she drowned to her so-called, death. That's when her plan for revenge started and probably the true beginning of the story. Downside is, this drama has well around 1-129 episodes and Channel U's showing it for 5 days a week ONLY. It's very slow because the story gets more intriguing everytime an episode finishes. I have to get this DVD, BECAUSE IT FUCKING ENDS ON MY BIRTHDAY! (And it's the cheapest on eBay, Poh Kim stores sells cheaper, but shows only Chinese Subs) FML.

2. iPod Classic 160GB
Price - S$388.00 with FREE SHIPPING
Source - apple.com
Reason - I know you guys would be asking.. Why get a Classic when you can get iPhone/iTouch? Very simple.. I already have a phone. I'm currently using a Sony Ericsson Yari, which was an advanced birthday present from my mother! So I kept thinking, iTouch apps aren't that interesting anyway (After meddling with Chungaik's, Muhib's and Erin's iPhones/iTouch), and not to mention, a mere 32GB iPhone costs BEASTLY, compared to this 160GB. I wanna watch movies on the go, and because I'm used to watching movies on such small screens (My W910i). I also got 50GBs worth of movies in my computer, along with 10GB worth of music. Somehow, an iPod Classic and my SE Yari looked like a perfect couple!

3. Diamond ATI Radeon HD5870 Video Card
Price - US$429.99 [Approx. S$ 603.80]
Source - tigerdirect.com / newegg.com
Reason - What can I say? I'm a computer geek, I want better graphics, better performance for every game I play. This card would probably last me 5-6 years depending on how fast technology advances. I might get this a little later because it's so darn expensive that I might actually get it during Christmas 2010!

4. SONY VAIO Laptop
Price - S$700 ~ S$3500+
Source - ebay.com.sg / sony.com.sg
Reason - I have a huge liking for VAIO laptops and the way they look. I might get a regular laptop in the meantime. I just want a laptop that allows me to work fast, play Diablo 2 smoothly and still survive! I might delay this later in the year or even next year, I don't know. Not my top priority though.

5. New Shirts, New Shoes
Price - Varies
Source - dcshoes.com [Shoes/Caps] and for shirts, I don't know
Reason - Well, it's time I hypened up my dress sense because you guys always find me in the same, similar, boring clothes that I wore time and time again. It's time to look better, fresher and more confident. Provided that I'm going to Poly, I DO need a makeover of some sort. Whether I'll get new clothes and accessories, it will depend on my results on the 11-13 January (Thanks Jiemin for providing the info, I should've checked the SEAB website first, but is there a confirmed date? Or we could collect our O level results any day from 11-13 January? A little confused here..)

Well, that makes up my wishlist for the rest of this year. HOPEFULLY, I'll get all of it.

AND.. I'm done!

The skies' looking pretty sad, for a new year. Let's hope that it gets better!

Chillax and peace out, bastards! (Poopsie!)

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  1. Actually I do have the link for Cruel Temptation... But its all in chinese sub... hohoho...