January 31, 2010


Hi there.

I was walking around my house just now, and I found a group of people smoking. That wasn't all though. There were 4 of them, 3 smoking and one wasn't. That non-smoker must have felt left out. Clearly, the 3 smokers were pressurizing the boy (He looked 15 or 16), by throwing insults at him, you know, those infamous private part quotes. They were shouting at him, and he looked as if the world's gonna fall on him. I didn't care and just walked away. Pressurizing someone to smoke a stick? How.. not persuasive.

I received news that ITE Dover's staffroom was gutted in fire. I refused to believe it at first, but after I did some thorough search on Google, it really did happened. Now, I'm surprised. Of all places, the staffroom? Someone must have a grudge against him. Or maybe.. it's just an accident. I hope it doesn't happen at my campus. I heard my campus is pretty small.. but I like it. Especially if it's small, but with a big heart. It's balanced.

To be honest, I really can't wait to enter ITE. It may sound weird but for once, I think I'll be able to make friends that share the same gaming hobby with me. Cool eh.

One of these years.. I wanna migrate to either Japan or New York. I don't know why, but I suddenly don't like it in Singapore. Prices are skyrocketing, interest rates everywhere. Maybe Singapore's rates are lowest among all countries.. But I find the rates unbelievable. Oh well, I shall see.. in the future.

I'm done for today.. Peace out!

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