January 23, 2010


Hi there.

After watching much television today, I realized what's making it so annoying for me.


Yeah, ads! It's always the worst thing that ever happened in the middle of a movie screening. Anyway, it's like, practically no one is able to make a good advertisement anymore. I recalled seeing one ad which showed some "awesome" product for sale and the producer of this ad probably bribed a child into saying, "ZOMFG THIS IS SO AWESOME! YOU MUST BUY!". Seriously, the ad felt so.. fake and gay (RayWilliamJohnson FTW!). There are ads similar to this.. Like body-slimming ads. MAYBE some of them are real, and some fake.. and gay too. I really can't bring myself to believe that a celebrity that looked slim actually looks fat? Does that make any sense? Plenty of these.. ads are full of exaggerations.

Makes me wonder.. Who actually fell for these ads? Anyway, there are hardly any good ads in the TV. Personally, I liked the Heineken ad which showed a bunch of girls freaking out over fashion clothing and accessories, while a bunch of guys freaked out over BEER! The way they freaked out is seemingly hilarious! They looked as if they're having an orgasm..

These producers really.. must start doing convincing ads otherwise.. the internet will be the new television!

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Peace out!

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