January 17, 2010


Oh hi there.

Today sucks. Really. I was enjoying a live gameplay on www.justin.tv when some dude butts in and starts a flame war. It's amazing how one can have a passion at disruption. The key word for a flame war is [insert whatever here] sucks. That's all. How can something suck? Everyone has their own opinions about something.. If someone likes Hannah Montana/Call of Duty/Britney Spears or whatever, deal with it man. Why pour all the hatred over them? That flame war lasted for 2 hours, seriously. Jeez, man..

Anyway, I was watching some horror gameplays with Erin today. Man, I was spooked. My heart jumped many times. As usual, she wasn't affected totally, only a few scenes freaked her out. We picked three videos to post on my blog. Starting with..

Quiet Terror (The House)

Hell, this was kinda scary.. Typical horror, but it gets me every single time..

The Urkel Dance Brings The Dead (4PlayerPodcast)

Not as scary, but funny as hell. Just listen to the person playing it freak out! Haha!

Wat ya doin' snoooping in my window?!? (Fatal Frame 2) [4PP]


Well, I'm done for today.

Peace out.

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