January 24, 2010


Hi there.

Well.. Well.. Well..
It's my birthday today! I'm 19 years old now.. Pretty old eh?

Chungaik and Erin asked me why I did not celebrate my birthday.. As some people noticed, the birthday celebrations in the past were not arranged by me, no. It was my friends. I celebrated a total of 4 times, 2 times when I was young and 2 times in Secondary school. I treasured those 4 celebrations very much, I kept photos of it with me, except for my last celebration, where I got sprayed with cream. My first two celebrations happened when I was young, after that, my family had some kind of trouble and then, I never celebrated then. For well around 5-6 years without birthday celebrations, I gotten used to it. I always thought of my own birthday as a normal, ordinary day. This is me.. Once I gotten used to it, I'll find it hard to kick the habit.

For the whole day, I was at home, refreshing Facebook everytime to see new greetings. Each time I see a new one, I gotten a little happier. I was a little disappointed when some old friends of mine whom I expected to wish me a happy birthday didn't do so. I was a little sensitive, but I thought to myself the whole day, "Why should you care? You're 19 anyway!". So eventually, I grew numb of my stupid thoughts and actually just be happy. Adding on, I celebrated my birthday with video games, yeah, really. I'm pretty much a no-lifer.

I also watched Brad played VVVVVV on the 4PlayerPodcast live show. I'm so glad he made me happy, although he doesn't know it. His hilarious voice-overs and raging made me laughed like mad! Thank you, Brad, even if you're not reading this but you made mine and many's others day. Anyway, if you wanna play VVVVVV, click here. I agree it's a pretty weird name for a game, but be sure to play it! It's very challenging and mind-raging at times! Enjoy!

I gotten 3 presents. One from my mother, one from my maid and one from Jiemin! My mother bought me a new phone (Which most of my friends already knew), my maid bought me a deodorant (After all, she washes my clothes!) and Jiemin bought me a really cool plushie!

Thanks! I placed it next to my computer, which I use daily. Her present's the tallest one. Thanks again!

Well, my birthday's gonna be over. Today sucks anyway.

Peace out!

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