January 16, 2010


Hi there.

As you've noticed, I'm changed the blog layout. The previous layout gave me eye problems. I read my past posts a few weeks ago and I kept seeing lines everywhere for a minute or two. It's quite annoying. So I changed it! The font color is darker, and it's much comfortable to the eyes. If there's a problem anywhere, please tag alright.

Earlier just now, did anyone heard any loud noises of some sort? It sounded like crackers, gunfire or some tiny explosion or something. It caught me at first and I initially thought that Singapore's in trouble. I tried searching Google Singapore's latest update about any websites, but there isn't any. I tuned into Channel Newsasia and there's no news update about it either. Is there some kind of event going on right now?

Another update. I imported every post from my old blog (www.leavemealone-solitude.blogspot.com) into this blog. So you can view all my old posts when I was still in lower Secondary! Enjoy!

I guess that's all for today. I pretty much gamed the whole day.

Hi Heamen! Hey, we're acquainted so it's alright. Regarding the BBQ, I'm still thinking about it. I might actually go. I don't know. The enthusiasm isn't there, and of course my desire to attend one is long gone. I'll SMS my response to Miss Pang next week.
Hi Xueli! Thanks for the answer! Still a pretty long way to go.. Oh well.

Peace out.

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