May 24, 2010

Sigh. Really sigh.

Hi there.

It was a warm day once again, but the start of new school week and a new morning was awesome though. Joked with some friends and also revising for the MCQ test today. I continued my assignment to create a game character, an interactive object and a terrain object. I started off very well, by creating a character that I made up during the weekend and unfortunately I do not have Adobe Illustrator so I couldn't do it as homework. I named the character Itsumo Heiwa, which means "Peace. Forever." in Japanese. Unfortunately again, I forgotten to save the work and instead saved it as a .jpg file instead. I couldn't continue from there on and there's no recovery system somehow.. If you have a Facebook, go to my profile and look at the picture I drew. It was a very good start but due to my clumsiness, I have to re-do all over again. But I'll look on the bright side, I have an idea now! Haha!

Incomplete work of Itsumo Heiwa. Sigh. For those without Facebook..

He was supposed to wield a dual blade, I gave it a weird name though, called "The Twin Jennifers". Might improve on it.. As you noticed, he lost his left arm. I'm still thinking of a backstory to cover it.. More to come when I'm able to trace him back from scratch.. Sigh.

Next, I learned to make a Platform game (Mario, Sonic etc) and was successful at first try. I felt really good though, but the thing that sums up the whole day was not being able to save the design for Itsumo Heiwa. Sigh!

Off to draw him again!

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

May 22, 2010


Hi there.

Facebook fixed the spam pages, by shortening them instead. It's better than nothing. Finally there's a bright side to look at now. Time to enjoy the weekend..

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

May 21, 2010


Hi there. Weekend is here again!

Btw, if you haven't see this insanity in Facebook already, do so now.

Those "friends" of mine who actually LIKED this "I'm Awesome x 32000" are really something.. About 5 of my friends liked this and my Facebook news page is completely fucked, as you can see from the first picture. I know this kind of page will be removed by the Facebook officials, but knowing that some of my friends have a screw loose somewhere really irks me. I hid the stupid post anyway, but some people probably would scroll down like 1 fucking zillion times to see status updates. Seriously, what made them decide to LIKE this? For free movies? Use Torrents for fuck's sake. Zzz. People might flame me for this. It's just really annoying.

Like this wasn't the only annoying event for today. The new elevator construction, just outside my doorstep is driving me fucking nuts. The jackhammer noises is just plain insanity. Thank goodness it's only for a few weeks, otherwise I'll go insane. Instant headaches anyone?

I'm gonna indulge myself in some horror games.. To rid of my headaches.. Zzz.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

May 20, 2010


Hi there.

Oh damn. Oh damn. The dreaded NAPFA test, hated by many!

Today was just the 4 stations. I passed all of it, for only a potential bronze. I WANT TO GET A DAMN SILVER. I'm definitely training for next year's NAPFA, since I'll be in ITE for 2 years only. The 42 km shirt and the Silver/Gold shirt as well! The S&W teachers certainly saved the "best" for last.. The killer, Pull-ups and 2.4km run. Man, I have no idea how I'm gonna pass the pull-up station.. And I'll do my best for 2.4km run. SIGH.

..and there wasn't much learning today. My lecturer had to go off early for some Naval Base something. I don't know. There was nothing much today.

Went home to play some Modern Warfare 2 with friends. For once, I actually played with friends. The feeling is different, but it's awesome! For 2 years, I've been playing on my own since almost none of my older friends play games.. Gotta enjoy it while it lasts.

Thanks for reading. Crashing soon. Peace out.

May 19, 2010

The short post. Again.

I don't know why..


Hit me.
Kick me.
Wrestle me.
Strangle me.

I read about a terrorist watchout in Orchard Road from a friend's blog. Man these lifeless terrorists, who only know how to kill. They're probably brainwashed from young and made to thought that killing is part of their life.

Or maybe.. You offend people, and you'll get twice as much payback. Karma is everywhere, sir.

I don't know man. If I were to die one day, I would die a sad man because I haven't gotten a girlfriend yet. Then again, I probably could meet my ex in heaven too. Haha.

Live life to the fullest!

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

May 18, 2010

Mosquitoes, argh.

Hi there.

Whenever there's rain, mosquitoes must fucking breed, seriously. Damn, mosquitoes are persistent bitches.

Anyway, today. I continued to the foot section of the human body. I think I mastered the foot already! Cool man. I learned to draw the faces of the male/female body and I have pretty much no problems for it. Do look at the photos I took during lessons in Facebook!

Now, something a little personal..

The reason why I hate most smokers is because they lack etiquette. You guys know that there's a good and a bad smoker. I try not to judge or stereotype smokers as a bunch of people with needed attitude adjustments, but the majority always overwrites my positive mind. The number 1 etiquette to all smokers is to light a stick away from the non-smokers. It doesn't mean that you have to exaggerate, you can just smoke about 7-8 feet away from a non-smoker.

When it's raining and you're waiting for a bus, don't fucking smoke man. The rain is depriving us of oxygen and smelling the gas toxins from a lighted cigarette isn't helping much. Of course, the most stupidest thing a smoker does is lighting a stick while waiting for a bus. Really. The bus arrives, you step on your stick and money wasted. Save your sticks when you NEED a break.. But of course, don't smoke in a toilet (Unless you're damn desperate), like the toilet isn't smelly enough..

Stereotypes aren't everything. I believe a smoker CAN BE A GOOD PERSON AS WELL, as long as he maintains the etiquette of a well mannered smoker, he'll still look cool like those action movie stars who never fail to smoke. Reason why I'm saying this is because this morning, some douchebag exhaled his smoke when I'm just standing beside him, really obvious that he wants me to go away.

I really want to believe that my friends who smoke aren't fucking douchebags like the guy this morning. If you were wondering, I don't smoke, I smoked once but hated it.

I hope so.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

May 17, 2010

It rained at the right moment, for once.

Hi there.

I don't usually update during weekends, so if you were wondering, that's my explanation.

For once, it rained at the right moment. It rained early in the morning, say around 6-7 am? I woke up and was delighted to feel the cool morning breeze with added chills. I don't even miss the warm mornings at all. Not to mention, my handkerchief wasn't drenched with my perspiration. Usually, it gets all drenched before even my lesson starts, that's how warm the morning used to be.

Lessons as usual.. Human Anatomy drawing and more game making. I'll probably release my game someday. Haha.

Nothing much to type about for today..

Thanks for reading this short and pathetic post. Peace out.

May 14, 2010


Hi there.

Friday. The day to rejoice for the weekends. Phew, this week's been really tiring. In conjunction to the e-Gaming competition, there's ANOTHER competition coming up which involves games design. I really need to find serious people to make a team and learn all the modelling skills with commitment and heart. THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS! The second year students won the competition and everyone got a new XBOX360 Elite/Arcade as rewards! The e-Gaming competition is also SERIOUS BUSINESS! $600 for everyone! Can party to the max, man.

Other than that, nothing much really. Gonna keep myself very, very busy these few months and also, in hope of winning that XBOX360 and $600. Can't give myself too much false hope though, but at least, encourage myself haha.

Weekends.. Hmm. I probably will be doing nothing again. Exercise? Yeah, maybe. Gonna skip on the rope like crazy and do sit-ups, that way, I can reduce my belly size. Running everyday probably isn't going to help. A visit or two to the gym a week should be sufficient, don't wanna strain my muscles too much.. Schedule set! Woot.

Thanks for reading such a lame post, haha. Peace out.

May 12, 2010


Hi there.

I apologize for not updating for the past 2 days. No, it's nothing personal. I just didn't have much to update anyway.

Tomorrow, there will be a blood donation drive in my school. Now, I have a dilemma. I have paranoia against needles. I'm not afraid of the needle's pain, but the person handling it. I'll probably decide tomorrow whether to run for my 42km or go for a blood donation..

I'll probably be participating in an e-Gaming competition organized by Funan IT Mall in a game called Blackshot. Unfortunately, they do not have popular games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. Blackshot is just a suckered down budget version of Counter Strike.. Not to mention, the Singapore gaming community is one of the worst I ever seen. There's DoTA, of course and some other unappealing games. The top prize for Blackshot is $600, split among 5 members. Hopefully, this competition can used for my portfolio for admission to Polytechnic!

I can't fucking wait for WCG! I'll be attending it for sure! If there is one, this year..

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

May 9, 2010

Kinda pissed.

Hi there

Today was Mother's Day. I did not bought my mum a gift, but just wrote her a note. Oh well.
It wasn't my day. Everything was screwed up. I logged into my current MMORPG, Battle of the Immortals, fortified a pet and failed 10 times. I played Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 and lost 6 times, to a hacker. I played Battlefield - Bad Company 2 and lost 3 times due to dumb team mates. I played Persona 4 and died after a single hour run at the dungeon, did not save. After all that, I screamed silently. Go figure.

What a day really.. So I went down in the afternoon and just ran my ass off. >_>

Hopefully tomorrow's much better.

Happy Mother's Day!

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

May 8, 2010


Hi there.

It rained today, but it's still so warm! WHY?

Tomorrow's Mother's Day, WHY? I haven't bought my mother a gift yet.. I have no idea what to buy. Maybe I'll walk around in the nearby shopping malls.. Hopefully, something will catch my eye.

Nothing much today..

Thanks for reading this short post. Peace out.

May 7, 2010

In control.

Hi there.

I'm back from a 30 minute jog around my house. YEP. I'm getting to my regular schedule for slimming down. I need to get at least Silver for my NAPFA test, which is due in 3 weeks. It seems impossible though, still I'll try every means to perform at least 2 pull-ups, or 3? Gonna cut down on fried food from now on.

Today was a really warm day.. Everyday is warm.. Not to mention, my theory lesson today was conducted in a non air-conditioned room.. I'm pretty sure the room I used and the room next door are the only non air-conditioned rooms. Theory's pretty boring today. I was mostly staring into blank space and probably lamenting once again. After school, I went with a friend to his personal gym to of course, box my frustrations out. There's a million frustrations in my mind, but I could only take them out little by little.

Went home to take a bath and rushed to City Square Mall to meet up with some friends for dinner. Nothing much happened though. My friend was right, I really felt like a total stranger just now. Time really changes stuff, fast. I guess I can't increase my self-esteem when my self-esteem is already that low.. How to increase self-esteem.. Hmm. My Chinese sucked so hard, I still find it hard to communicate despite having tried to speak more Chinese. I'm always a little afraid that my Chinese would sound lousy in front of my ITE classmates.

I'm sure I have transformed into an emotional person. I'm trying hard to kick the silent habit, and try to be louder.. Man, John, stop dwelling in the past and be hyper! Yeah!

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

May 6, 2010

A blast from the past.

Hi there.

I had Sports and Wellness in the morning. I decided to work out in the gym with a friend, talking about his Muay Thai habits and some of my own. I felt stronger after the workout and slack a little after that.. The early morning was pretty gloomy. Then some game making lessons again. If you were wondering, I was making an arcade game which has an airplane shooting at enemies from a bird's eye perspective. The whole session was pretty fun and hilarious thanks to the partner beside me, haha.

After school, we had to attend some kind of Youth Olympic Games 100 pledges to support Singapore. The TV crew came, recorded clips of basketball and badminton training. During basketball, a classmate of mine was in it too and the most awesome part was when he was starting to shoot a ball, practically everyone cheered for him! I was happy for him too, although he jerked a little but I'm sure he's pumped, haha. It also made me recall unhappy stuff.. During Secondary school, I was a chairman in Secondary 2. When I was having my investiture, my class just clapped for me. I was staring at my class, smiling regardless. The other classes get the loudest cheers and they certainly looked happy.. Another time was my time as a Scout. I was receiving my Bronze service award as my first award in my whole life. All I get was basically forced cheers from my Scout mates.. My class didn't cheer for me at all.. Till that day onward, I lost my determination to actually earn awards for myself. I'll never forget it. I admit, I was pretty jealous today, but I had been jealous for just about my whole life.. I'm tired of being jealous already. So yeah, I'll just keep silent.

I also did some kind of YOG dance cheer.. It was pretty cheesy though, but kinda fun. I decided to drop the idea of joining badminton.. Badminton training is on Mondays and Fridays, but I have lessons on Monday. If I want to join something, I want to be fully dedicated, not like this man.. Once again, another chance at joining badminton has been blown. Not to mention, I need to join a competition as part of my portfolio for enrolling in Polytechnic in the future. Sigh. I also decided to drop the idea of purchasing XBOX360 parts, PSP and hoody, I'll just purchase a pair of headphones instead, since I'm low on money already.

Well, I'm going end here.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

May 5, 2010

Just another warm day.

Hi there.

As the title suggests, today was ANOTHER warm day. It was showering during the late afternoons, but it doesn't change the temperature in any way! Whenever I'm inside the air-conditioned rooms, I feel so cold, despite being fat. I'm gonna have to purchase a jacket, probably a hoody for fashion purposes.. Otherwise, I'll get a chill.

Nothing much today.. Just some Photoshop lessons.

And when it rains,
Will you always find an escape?
Just running away,
From all of the ones who love you,
From everything.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

May 4, 2010

I learnt a lot..

Hi there.

There were several talks conducted in my school today..

It seemed to that the people at ITE are really concerned with our future, having like 5 talks on success and anything relevant in 4 weeks. But compared to Secondary school talks, these talks really gave me the urge to work hard. We CAN actually look up to someone as an inspiration. There was a brass ensemble quintet performing for us in between the talks.. It felt really soothing to the ears, something you feel while eating at a posh restaurant, enjoying your food and listening to the wonderful jazz music. Haha, it's been a really long time since I ate at a posh restaurant.

I had a drawing lesson today, on human anatomy. We were supposed to draw human forms using guidelines and whatever. In the past, I drew weapons, monsters and even visual effects, but I can't draw a human right, haha! I'm also seeking help from a friend pretty soon.. I really want to make my own art, purchase a scanner and edit it with Photoshop or whatever.

So much to do man.. Fix my friend's XBOX360, purchase broadcasting hardware, purchase more of my favorite old games, learn drumming for once, learn Melbourne Shuffle and breakdancing (Yes, I'm dead serious..) and lose as much weight as possible in Fitness club. Apparently, I waited for the Badminton in-charges to inform me of my application status, it's been quite long already.. So maybe, I'll just stick to Fitness club.

That's all for today! I'm dead tired and I'm gonna crash in soon.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

May 3, 2010

What to type..


Hi there.

It's a warm day, isn't it? I already felt the heat this morning, all the way till evening. Goodness gracious. It just doesn't rain at the most required moment. Sigh.

I was kinda shocked that hair IS still an issue in ITE MacPherson. I thought I could finally keep long hair, but no, it looks like I still have to wait 2 years or after National Service. Blame myself for not studying hard in Secondary school, then again, I wasn't THAT determined to do well anyway. Still, why is hair always an issue? People WILL eventually keep long hair anyway.. Zzz. I really can't wait for Polytechnic years.. I really want the busy schedules the students have and having my own laptop as well.. Sigh. *greenface*

There's nothing new today in school though. If I were to talk about ITE life everyday, you'll be bored as shit.

I'm bored, gonna play some games.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

May 2, 2010

If I'm sick, would you please give a damn?

Hi there.

Haha.. I've been ill for a week. First, I had a soar throat which evolved into dry coughs. Then it evolved into diarrhea and I had liquid stools yesterday. Not to mention, my muscle pain from the previous training really added to the pain. Just yesterday, I was chatting with an old friend of mine, who really needs to find a new meaning to, "show care and concern".

If your friend in MSN chats with you and said that he/she is ill, what would you say?

"Get well!", "What illnesses are you having?", "Oh dear, are you alright"? or the rarely used one, "You need me to accompany you to the doctor?".

No. He said..

"Dude, I had worser illnesses than what you're having now, suck it up man.".

Of course, being the "good" friend that I am, I just let him have his "drill instructor" way. Seriously man, it's not boot camp, why is he being all cold about it? Asking me to "suck it up man" isn't gonna make me feel any good then it is already. I had like 6 liquid stools yesterday and he asked me to suck it up. Really.. Don't apply this stupid logic about, "I had worser whatever..". It's as good as saying..

"Oh your fish died? My fish died too. Just suck it up man."

Not everyone is the same as you. You can't expect everyone to feel the same way as you.

If I'm sick, would you please.. at least, give a damn?

A simple, "Get well soon" does wonders, if you have no darn idea.


Thanks for reading. Peace out.

May 1, 2010

New month.

Hi there..

Well, if it isn't May. The month before a long holiday, before examinations and of many celebrations. So far, April's been a good month. I loved every moment during school, learned new things and made new friends (Or maybe, new acquaintances), not to mention, more gaming friends. I can see my Steam friends list piling up already!

Making friends was kinda hard. I had to be the one to initiate conversations and then they will start talking. Of course, those good looking people will get all the good stuff. Maybe being nice wasn't a good plan anyway. People love bad people, those who worship Satan, those who worship the terrorists, I'm exaggerating.. I kept thinking about myself for these past few days. I'm even drifting away from my Polytechnic friends further and further away, and maybe to the point that we'll be total strangers. It's part and parcel of life, I know, but it's kinda hard to get used to it.

Although life in ITE was great, life at home wasn't any better. I came home everyday, switched on my computer and just play games. It was just lifeless. Sure, I have a passion for gaming but I can't possibly dedicate my life to gaming. I wished, for the past 3 weeks, you know, to have some friends message me about their life in Polytechnic and of course, go out for a lunch or walk. Only then I found out, they have rather busy schedules and really have no time. Haha, how stupid am I? LMAO.

Maybe my life's gonna stay this way for the next 2 years, and till then, I'll decide whether I'm going to Polytechnic or service National Service.

I hope May's gonna be a good month, although I'm looking forward to the June holidays.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.