May 7, 2010

In control.

Hi there.

I'm back from a 30 minute jog around my house. YEP. I'm getting to my regular schedule for slimming down. I need to get at least Silver for my NAPFA test, which is due in 3 weeks. It seems impossible though, still I'll try every means to perform at least 2 pull-ups, or 3? Gonna cut down on fried food from now on.

Today was a really warm day.. Everyday is warm.. Not to mention, my theory lesson today was conducted in a non air-conditioned room.. I'm pretty sure the room I used and the room next door are the only non air-conditioned rooms. Theory's pretty boring today. I was mostly staring into blank space and probably lamenting once again. After school, I went with a friend to his personal gym to of course, box my frustrations out. There's a million frustrations in my mind, but I could only take them out little by little.

Went home to take a bath and rushed to City Square Mall to meet up with some friends for dinner. Nothing much happened though. My friend was right, I really felt like a total stranger just now. Time really changes stuff, fast. I guess I can't increase my self-esteem when my self-esteem is already that low.. How to increase self-esteem.. Hmm. My Chinese sucked so hard, I still find it hard to communicate despite having tried to speak more Chinese. I'm always a little afraid that my Chinese would sound lousy in front of my ITE classmates.

I'm sure I have transformed into an emotional person. I'm trying hard to kick the silent habit, and try to be louder.. Man, John, stop dwelling in the past and be hyper! Yeah!

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. okay okay, I will speak English, I need to improve in my ENGLISH !!!!

  2. Haha. A million frustrations, but releasing it little by little. Sounds like a potential quote! How to increase self-esteem... Try interacting more with your classmates! Just chat with them about games, since they're from your course. Please be on MSN tomorrow! Haha. xoxo

  3. Yejia - Haha, come to think of it, I never really spoke to you in English eh? HAHAHA..

    Erin - I'm a poet (JK!). I did chat with them, but there's something amiss.. I guess it's the infamous language barrier once again. I'll be on MSN next week.. I don't feel like chatting anyway. :D

  4. Is it ? You never really talk to me and that time you talk to me, its in English and sometimes i reply in chinese, sorry, my english isnt good hahaha...