May 2, 2010

If I'm sick, would you please give a damn?

Hi there.

Haha.. I've been ill for a week. First, I had a soar throat which evolved into dry coughs. Then it evolved into diarrhea and I had liquid stools yesterday. Not to mention, my muscle pain from the previous training really added to the pain. Just yesterday, I was chatting with an old friend of mine, who really needs to find a new meaning to, "show care and concern".

If your friend in MSN chats with you and said that he/she is ill, what would you say?

"Get well!", "What illnesses are you having?", "Oh dear, are you alright"? or the rarely used one, "You need me to accompany you to the doctor?".

No. He said..

"Dude, I had worser illnesses than what you're having now, suck it up man.".

Of course, being the "good" friend that I am, I just let him have his "drill instructor" way. Seriously man, it's not boot camp, why is he being all cold about it? Asking me to "suck it up man" isn't gonna make me feel any good then it is already. I had like 6 liquid stools yesterday and he asked me to suck it up. Really.. Don't apply this stupid logic about, "I had worser whatever..". It's as good as saying..

"Oh your fish died? My fish died too. Just suck it up man."

Not everyone is the same as you. You can't expect everyone to feel the same way as you.

If I'm sick, would you please.. at least, give a damn?

A simple, "Get well soon" does wonders, if you have no darn idea.


Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. Its okay, people are everywhere. =)

    And do get well soon John!! Not good to be sick while schooling! I'm getting a sore throat too.. Trying to kill it by spamming water.

  2. Wow! Don't spam water. Take Strepsils. Always does wonders for me. :/