May 21, 2010


Hi there. Weekend is here again!

Btw, if you haven't see this insanity in Facebook already, do so now.

Those "friends" of mine who actually LIKED this "I'm Awesome x 32000" are really something.. About 5 of my friends liked this and my Facebook news page is completely fucked, as you can see from the first picture. I know this kind of page will be removed by the Facebook officials, but knowing that some of my friends have a screw loose somewhere really irks me. I hid the stupid post anyway, but some people probably would scroll down like 1 fucking zillion times to see status updates. Seriously, what made them decide to LIKE this? For free movies? Use Torrents for fuck's sake. Zzz. People might flame me for this. It's just really annoying.

Like this wasn't the only annoying event for today. The new elevator construction, just outside my doorstep is driving me fucking nuts. The jackhammer noises is just plain insanity. Thank goodness it's only for a few weeks, otherwise I'll go insane. Instant headaches anyone?

I'm gonna indulge myself in some horror games.. To rid of my headaches.. Zzz.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. Wow wtf. My ancient computer would probably crash like a couple of times if I loaded that. I'm glad I'm not totally committed to Facebook. MSN for the win <3

  2. Hey, sorry... I wanna one of them who likes it. 'Cause i find it funny...

  3. I mean I am one of them who likes it *

  4. Yes, because idiots can't control themselves. I've begun to notice that the SAME people who are clicking on links like there's no tomorrow are the SAME people who truly believe Facebook will be charging people soon, or that the England flags are being banned from being flown.

    I'm deleting people until I'm left with normal people, no exceptions. If a family member decides to go down this road then they're gone too. I've already warned people, and now it's time for action.

  5. fk u la. spam is goooooooood. complain somore. knn. we like this spam page ur prob meh. no life motherfucker.

  6. Dude, I'm not even gonna start with you.. Some Dick. Zzz.