May 1, 2010

New month.

Hi there..

Well, if it isn't May. The month before a long holiday, before examinations and of many celebrations. So far, April's been a good month. I loved every moment during school, learned new things and made new friends (Or maybe, new acquaintances), not to mention, more gaming friends. I can see my Steam friends list piling up already!

Making friends was kinda hard. I had to be the one to initiate conversations and then they will start talking. Of course, those good looking people will get all the good stuff. Maybe being nice wasn't a good plan anyway. People love bad people, those who worship Satan, those who worship the terrorists, I'm exaggerating.. I kept thinking about myself for these past few days. I'm even drifting away from my Polytechnic friends further and further away, and maybe to the point that we'll be total strangers. It's part and parcel of life, I know, but it's kinda hard to get used to it.

Although life in ITE was great, life at home wasn't any better. I came home everyday, switched on my computer and just play games. It was just lifeless. Sure, I have a passion for gaming but I can't possibly dedicate my life to gaming. I wished, for the past 3 weeks, you know, to have some friends message me about their life in Polytechnic and of course, go out for a lunch or walk. Only then I found out, they have rather busy schedules and really have no time. Haha, how stupid am I? LMAO.

Maybe my life's gonna stay this way for the next 2 years, and till then, I'll decide whether I'm going to Polytechnic or service National Service.

I hope May's gonna be a good month, although I'm looking forward to the June holidays.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. I know some people are free.. I just don't want to be the one who initiates the outing. I asked 3 guys already, all say cannot. So I wait for people to ask me out lor. >_>

  2. ask me la...
    some times when we go out,its kinda hard to ask u out too.
    time,location,de event is pretty crappy for you.
    ASK MEEEEEEEE next time

    maybe u me and muntat go for lunch next time XD