May 3, 2010

What to type..


Hi there.

It's a warm day, isn't it? I already felt the heat this morning, all the way till evening. Goodness gracious. It just doesn't rain at the most required moment. Sigh.

I was kinda shocked that hair IS still an issue in ITE MacPherson. I thought I could finally keep long hair, but no, it looks like I still have to wait 2 years or after National Service. Blame myself for not studying hard in Secondary school, then again, I wasn't THAT determined to do well anyway. Still, why is hair always an issue? People WILL eventually keep long hair anyway.. Zzz. I really can't wait for Polytechnic years.. I really want the busy schedules the students have and having my own laptop as well.. Sigh. *greenface*

There's nothing new today in school though. If I were to talk about ITE life everyday, you'll be bored as shit.

I'm bored, gonna play some games.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

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