May 20, 2010


Hi there.

Oh damn. Oh damn. The dreaded NAPFA test, hated by many!

Today was just the 4 stations. I passed all of it, for only a potential bronze. I WANT TO GET A DAMN SILVER. I'm definitely training for next year's NAPFA, since I'll be in ITE for 2 years only. The 42 km shirt and the Silver/Gold shirt as well! The S&W teachers certainly saved the "best" for last.. The killer, Pull-ups and 2.4km run. Man, I have no idea how I'm gonna pass the pull-up station.. And I'll do my best for 2.4km run. SIGH.

..and there wasn't much learning today. My lecturer had to go off early for some Naval Base something. I don't know. There was nothing much today.

Went home to play some Modern Warfare 2 with friends. For once, I actually played with friends. The feeling is different, but it's awesome! For 2 years, I've been playing on my own since almost none of my older friends play games.. Gotta enjoy it while it lasts.

Thanks for reading. Crashing soon. Peace out.


  1. -.- stupid navy open house crap

  2. Hey, lets run together... How many laps should we run and and and... I scare of pull up also... and the shuttle run you are so funny haha. sorry, no offence and the I FAIL !!! NO MORE SLIVER SHIRT FOR ME !!!

  3. Chungaik - Yeah, I heard lots of bad planning for the Navy opening too. Bad transport etc.. >_>

    Yejia - I doubt we have time to run together, you should probably train yourself! The reason for the shuttle run is because of my huge belly, kinda hard to reach it and run.. In the end, I just kicked the block lor. HAHA. Lucky the teacher accept, and I pass. You still got next year! Don't fret, and start training!

  4. huh... I mean, that day all of us should be running together... this is what i have seen that time those people running 2.4 hehehehe.

  5. yea the worst part was.the whole ite went there and left at the same damn time.and u can see everyone lining up for the bus from one end of singapore to the other.