May 18, 2010

Mosquitoes, argh.

Hi there.

Whenever there's rain, mosquitoes must fucking breed, seriously. Damn, mosquitoes are persistent bitches.

Anyway, today. I continued to the foot section of the human body. I think I mastered the foot already! Cool man. I learned to draw the faces of the male/female body and I have pretty much no problems for it. Do look at the photos I took during lessons in Facebook!

Now, something a little personal..

The reason why I hate most smokers is because they lack etiquette. You guys know that there's a good and a bad smoker. I try not to judge or stereotype smokers as a bunch of people with needed attitude adjustments, but the majority always overwrites my positive mind. The number 1 etiquette to all smokers is to light a stick away from the non-smokers. It doesn't mean that you have to exaggerate, you can just smoke about 7-8 feet away from a non-smoker.

When it's raining and you're waiting for a bus, don't fucking smoke man. The rain is depriving us of oxygen and smelling the gas toxins from a lighted cigarette isn't helping much. Of course, the most stupidest thing a smoker does is lighting a stick while waiting for a bus. Really. The bus arrives, you step on your stick and money wasted. Save your sticks when you NEED a break.. But of course, don't smoke in a toilet (Unless you're damn desperate), like the toilet isn't smelly enough..

Stereotypes aren't everything. I believe a smoker CAN BE A GOOD PERSON AS WELL, as long as he maintains the etiquette of a well mannered smoker, he'll still look cool like those action movie stars who never fail to smoke. Reason why I'm saying this is because this morning, some douchebag exhaled his smoke when I'm just standing beside him, really obvious that he wants me to go away.

I really want to believe that my friends who smoke aren't fucking douchebags like the guy this morning. If you were wondering, I don't smoke, I smoked once but hated it.

I hope so.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. I've seen the pictures!

  2. The girls toilet is full of smoke !!!! I cant breathe...

  3. Jiemin - Haha! I don't do caricatures.. A bit hard. I just draw from my mind haha! :D

    Yejia - MacPherson MRT toilets are the best!

  4. simei every toilet ull see cig packet and cig everywhere.

  5. Yejia - Really what. Although I never been into the lady's. Lmao.

    Chungaik - Same here.. Sigh, I hope you're not of those who are despo for smoking!