May 6, 2010

A blast from the past.

Hi there.

I had Sports and Wellness in the morning. I decided to work out in the gym with a friend, talking about his Muay Thai habits and some of my own. I felt stronger after the workout and slack a little after that.. The early morning was pretty gloomy. Then some game making lessons again. If you were wondering, I was making an arcade game which has an airplane shooting at enemies from a bird's eye perspective. The whole session was pretty fun and hilarious thanks to the partner beside me, haha.

After school, we had to attend some kind of Youth Olympic Games 100 pledges to support Singapore. The TV crew came, recorded clips of basketball and badminton training. During basketball, a classmate of mine was in it too and the most awesome part was when he was starting to shoot a ball, practically everyone cheered for him! I was happy for him too, although he jerked a little but I'm sure he's pumped, haha. It also made me recall unhappy stuff.. During Secondary school, I was a chairman in Secondary 2. When I was having my investiture, my class just clapped for me. I was staring at my class, smiling regardless. The other classes get the loudest cheers and they certainly looked happy.. Another time was my time as a Scout. I was receiving my Bronze service award as my first award in my whole life. All I get was basically forced cheers from my Scout mates.. My class didn't cheer for me at all.. Till that day onward, I lost my determination to actually earn awards for myself. I'll never forget it. I admit, I was pretty jealous today, but I had been jealous for just about my whole life.. I'm tired of being jealous already. So yeah, I'll just keep silent.

I also did some kind of YOG dance cheer.. It was pretty cheesy though, but kinda fun. I decided to drop the idea of joining badminton.. Badminton training is on Mondays and Fridays, but I have lessons on Monday. If I want to join something, I want to be fully dedicated, not like this man.. Once again, another chance at joining badminton has been blown. Not to mention, I need to join a competition as part of my portfolio for enrolling in Polytechnic in the future. Sigh. I also decided to drop the idea of purchasing XBOX360 parts, PSP and hoody, I'll just purchase a pair of headphones instead, since I'm low on money already.

Well, I'm going end here.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. You know... I really hope that I can join you all at those seats over there, 'cause I cant see (due to my height) and also i always believe that if I sit infront I can understand much more better. lols.

  2. You can try and request for a seat in front? If you want, I can give up my seat and you can take mine, not to mention, you can chat with Cynthia too. Haha!

  3. LOLS !!! Dont want... she "gave me" lots of stress... lols....

  4. Wow. You found the YOG dance fun? I find it rather embarrassing though. It was fun doing it with friends... Hmmm, I'll try to like it somehow. :/

  5. Yejia - Haha, stress is goooooood!

    Erin - IT'S EMBARRASSING. Really, I did not want to try it at first, but it got really fun later on. All you need is people to do it with you, and it'll spread. Like a disease, but for a good cause.

  6. I know it's good but that time I stress till I cryyyyyyyyyy