May 17, 2010

It rained at the right moment, for once.

Hi there.

I don't usually update during weekends, so if you were wondering, that's my explanation.

For once, it rained at the right moment. It rained early in the morning, say around 6-7 am? I woke up and was delighted to feel the cool morning breeze with added chills. I don't even miss the warm mornings at all. Not to mention, my handkerchief wasn't drenched with my perspiration. Usually, it gets all drenched before even my lesson starts, that's how warm the morning used to be.

Lessons as usual.. Human Anatomy drawing and more game making. I'll probably release my game someday. Haha.

Nothing much to type about for today..

Thanks for reading this short and pathetic post. Peace out.


  1. hello, i got my own grp !!!! Happy !!!! I love rainy days !!!

  2. There's always a drawback to good things.. Mosquitoes.. =/

  3. I didnt invite any of them and did you read today's newspaper ? Straits time...