May 24, 2010

Sigh. Really sigh.

Hi there.

It was a warm day once again, but the start of new school week and a new morning was awesome though. Joked with some friends and also revising for the MCQ test today. I continued my assignment to create a game character, an interactive object and a terrain object. I started off very well, by creating a character that I made up during the weekend and unfortunately I do not have Adobe Illustrator so I couldn't do it as homework. I named the character Itsumo Heiwa, which means "Peace. Forever." in Japanese. Unfortunately again, I forgotten to save the work and instead saved it as a .jpg file instead. I couldn't continue from there on and there's no recovery system somehow.. If you have a Facebook, go to my profile and look at the picture I drew. It was a very good start but due to my clumsiness, I have to re-do all over again. But I'll look on the bright side, I have an idea now! Haha!

Incomplete work of Itsumo Heiwa. Sigh. For those without Facebook..

He was supposed to wield a dual blade, I gave it a weird name though, called "The Twin Jennifers". Might improve on it.. As you noticed, he lost his left arm. I'm still thinking of a backstory to cover it.. More to come when I'm able to trace him back from scratch.. Sigh.

Next, I learned to make a Platform game (Mario, Sonic etc) and was successful at first try. I felt really good though, but the thing that sums up the whole day was not being able to save the design for Itsumo Heiwa. Sigh!

Off to draw him again!

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. The drawing is really really nice for a good head start! Keep up the good work and keep getting better and better! :D

  2. and you what version of photoshop you use? I have not yet obtained to make such smooth drawings to do. moving out, the picture may mesh with something. I only this website had read, and now your going to try to learn. may be it is clearer and clearer. and thanks for the work.

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