April 29, 2010

I really had fun.

Hi there.

Today was really interesting.. We made a 2D game, named Pong (It's sorta like a tennis game from a bird's eye perspective). It wasn't easy at all, I swear. It's something a person can't make without guidance or knowledge. We took 3 hours just to make a Pong game. But the whole lessons was really fun, be it laughing at someone's funny movements or the lecturer's funny gestures. Haha. Surprisingly, the Pong game was fun. Maybe because it's your own work, so it's kinda like satisfaction I guess.. Probably, in the future, making 3D games will definitely be harder. Still, we had fun!

Since the month of April is ending, I decided to get a new desktop look! I messed with a little Photoshop and some texts. It also has a new Rainmeter interface. It can be improved further..

I also wanted to make it look like a Macbook, with the cluttered dock. Haha.

Ugh.. Tomorrow's presentation day, gonna be boring as hell.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

1 comment:

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