April 4, 2010

All at once.

Hi there.

I woke up this morning with a new friend, a sore throat. Gosh, I can't even speak properly because I have 3 mouth ulcers and man, these ulcers are not giving me an easy time! Every single time the ulcer get touched, it hurts so bad that it gave me a splitting headache! Since it rained so much the past few days, mosquitoes are breeding outside my flat, damn. Wow, I'm loving all of it.

Oh well. My school is starting in a week's time. I still have not gotten my uniform (What is taking them so darn long to call me?). I think I might pay a visit to the school again.. For this week, I'm gonna make the most of my time before school starts. I'll see..

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. Yea its been so cooling these few days that its so damn nice to sleep! However, at the back of my house, they're having construction building a hotel, and under my house, the hawker centre is currently being renovated too.. Its freaking noisy and I think there's a lot of mosquitos too because I see them flying around! =(

  2. Haha your house too? My house is having an elevator implemented on every floor and the sound of jackhammer is driving me nuts. >_>

  3. Haha at least yours is just a lift! Mine is building of hotel and renovating the whole hawker centre. ITS EXTREMELY NOISY!! =(

  4. Wow. OVERKILL.. Good luck with that :/