April 8, 2010

Irritating needles.

Hi there.

I.. did not notice that I had not blogged for 4 days! Wow. All these gaming is bringing my mind to another world! I have been playing lots of arcade games lately. I played Pac-Man Championship Edition on the XBOX360 at my friend's house and it was so awesome! Retro awesomeness. Once again, I'm off to search for sites which provides XBOX360 giveaways. An online friend of mine recommended me this site. He won several prizes from the site, including a PSP. Now, I don't know what to do. Should I earn points to earn that XBOX360 Elite or find a job quickly to purchase it?

Look at this.

Apparently, it cost 2700 PTZ. I only have 4 PTZ so far.

To earn PTZ, you need to fully watch videos and enter captchas to earn your points or invite friends. I'm in a dilemma. It would take so long to earn 2700 PTZ.. Sigh, there's so much goodies I want but not enough money. I really wish I could earn an XBOX360 right off the bat! Hot damn. In my dreams! Anyway, if you're interested in using the site, do comment! Lockerz is only a member-invite only site. Comment and I'll invite you if you want.

Talk about today.. Weather forecasts are just bullcrap. It was supposed to rain today but it was just scorching hot in the afternoon. Damn, living at the top floor sucked balls. Not to mention, fucking mosquitoes everywhere. I'm forced to close the windows around my flat and there's little ventilation. I kept perspiring and mosquitoes seemed to love poking their dicks into wet skin. I don't know why air-conditioners need to have a tray beneath it! After a rain, the tray collects water and allows mosquitoes to breed.

3 days ago, a mosquito inspector came into my house. You know what all he does? He went into the kitchen, looked everywhere then into the toilet. After that, he's gone in a swift. WHAT THE FUCK? Does this mean that ONLY kitchens CAN breed mosquitoes but not in other rooms? These inspectors really need to spread out.. Everywhere with water is a possible habitat for mosquitoes! In the past, inspectors were really strict. They searched for stagnant water sources in the house and gave advises. This inspector just comes in, ya-dah ya-dah, okay no mosquitoes! *zhao*

I worry for the house, because I cleared every stagnant water sources, sprayed some insecticide in every room and I'm still seeing these irritating needles. I always feel paranoid around them because you'll never know which mosquito gives the dengue fever. I got bitten thrice already, but thank goodness I'm still in one piece.

Dai, mosquitters, dai!

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. Haha I'll feel that its better to work and earn your own money to purchase your xbox. Well, nothing comes easy, but the moment you get your pay and purchase your xbox with your hard earned money, the feeling is definitely good!

    Add poison to the water collected at the aircon tray!(Just trying to be lame. :D)

  2. Yeah I definitely agree with you. The feeling of satisfaction and completion with your own hardwork feels great. I'll try though, I'll search for jobs again >_>

    And.. Actually I did add some kind of drug into the water. It might prevent it you know! Haha :D

  3. OOOO!! Add panadol!! HAHA! Its so bitter I don't think any insects can survive there. Even if any did, it might breed a new type of mosquitoes known as panadol mozzies who knows! :D

    Haha yeah try working and studying all together. Just try it out for a week first. I'm also gonna work night shift for settlers and study at the same time. =)