April 16, 2010

Photoshop is seriously tough.

Hi there.

Today was short, and I had four periods of Games Design Principles.. Wow, you must be like, "What the fuck is that?". If you're a gamer, you should know stuff like gameplay, audio, storyline and stuff like that. It's like that, and much more in-depth. I noticed that my lecturer loves talking about his life.. Sometimes it's funny, and sometimes it's not. Not to mention, I made another friend today and he's just way awesome. Nothing rocks better than sharing the same mind and hobbies. I'm gonna try out Reallife@ITE, which allows me to take a job and also get salary for it. Hopefully it sticks to my busy schedule, which includes heavy Photoshop training, Badminton training and of course, honing my drawing skills.. My current skills are so D&T..

Photoshop is seriously tough to master.. I have a huge ass pile of notes to refer. Still, wouldn't it be better if I had Photoshop at my own computer? Anyone has a spare copy or is willing to loan me the Photoshop disc for 2 years? (Haha!).

I'm done for today. I wanted to sleep.. But I decided to play some games first.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. I used to be good in photoshops too! Just check this out:

    I made this photo years ago. Sorry can't help, I've lost my photoshop disc. =(

    Good luck for the photoshops! Haha anyway not to worry about the heavy schedule, my course's super fierce too.. I'm ending school at like 5.30pm, 4pm, 12noon, 6pm and 3pm(from monday to friday).

  2. learning photoshop also

  3. Jiemin - Hmm.. That's sad. I probably need to pirate it or something.. Haha, right now, my schedule is packed, with Thursday being the only day I can go home at 1pm. >_>

    Chungaik - Aren't you in IT? Hmm, Photoshop is needed in IT courses as well? o.O

  4. Yeah my schedule is packed too.. =( Assignments and reports are all blooming out of nowhere soon. Gonna get really really busy. =(

  5. Haha. Take care of yourself man. :P