April 14, 2010

666th post.

Hi there.

It's my 666th post. What does 666 mean? Google it, you dimwits. Hoho.

I had afternoon school today and it was just awesome. I made 7 new friends in a row. Some of them are RTS lovers, some love multiplayer FPS and some MMORPGs crazies. I learned basic Photoshop skills and theory on Gaming Art Styles. Wow, the last time I used a Photoshop application was when Photoshop was still a baby. Now it's like Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended. Wow damn. What a long name.. The lecturer then showed us a video of XBOX360's Project Natal. You know, the stuff that lets you game without a controller? It just looks weird.. I'll be driving a car without a handle, mowing a field which looks as if I'm shoving someone's ass. All in all, it's just weird..

You'll never gonna believe what happened in the MRT while heading home. I was surrounded by 6 hot ladies, some office ladies and some schoolgirls. Holy cow man. There's this schoolgirl who fell towards me because the train moved way too fast and hit me so hard, using me as a shield. Oh my goodness. That moment, seriously, I literally froze. She thanked me and then smiled at me. You know, I WAS TRYING SO DAMN HARD NOT TO SCREAM IN UTMOST JOY. Luckily she got off, but fuck, how I wish we got off the same station, I would've asked her for the number. But I'd prolly be too nervous.. UGHHHHHHHHHH.

Alright. I'm done for today.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. hahaha! lucky day huh? i seriously loled at the I WAS TRYING SO DAMN HARD NOT TO SCREAM IN UTMOST JOY. i feel your pain man. ahhaha!

  2. Justin - Haha. I knew someone would laugh at that caption. Oh boy oh boy. You have no darn idea.. :/

    Chungaik - Laughing at what siol. My encounter with the girl? HAHAHA.