April 26, 2010

The daily life.

Hi there.

So I got a new look, beard and mustache clean shaved and the natural spiked hair, meaning I don't have to blow my hair, messing up my hair with hair wax and doing it wrong. I went to school today and learned more about Photoshop again. I'm downloading a pirated version of Photoshop CS4 and gonna train myself at home as well. I got Zul's guaranteed help in hand drawing hopefully and I WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE MY OWN ART! Sweeeeet.

Instead of having lessons after lunch, I had two consecutive talks. One on Stress Management and another on Perseverance. I was wondering whether Polytechnic students have these kind of talks, because it felt very Secondary-ish. One thing ironic about today was that I'm supposed to have lessons till 5.30pm but when both talks ended, I was allowed to go home already. By then, it was around 3.30pm. I was also supposed to meet a friend at 6pm. Initially, I planned today to be smooth-sailing, after lessons - head to Orchard ION - then chat a little - then return home, and turns out to be wasting more transport fare than usual. What's so ironic? I was the only person who was unhappy about the early dismissal. What a bad coincidence.. Of course, if early dismissal happened on other days, I would be elated like hell..

Roses are red,
Violets are black,
Why is your chest as flat as your back?

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

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