April 27, 2010

First careless mistake of the year.

Hi there.

I had more Photoshop lessons today.. Today, it's about making cars look older. It's pretty simple, but I really wanted to go in depth.. Too bad, I do not have Photoshop at home. I downloaded CS4 from a torrent website recently, but it's really annoying. It asks for your serial key every time you open Photoshop. Maybe it wasn't properly cracked.. Purchasing Photoshop is definitely out of the question, it costs a whooping $600~!

I committed my first mistake of the year. I forgot to remove my thumb drive from the computer I used during Photoshop class. If nobody stole it today or tomorrow, I'd be lucky. Anyway, there isn't much important documents in it, just a few horror videos and a death "note" Readme file in it to whoever reads it. It was for fun, and it'd probably scare the crap out of whoever stole it, HAHA. I was planning to purchase a thumb drive anyway, since this thumb drive I used was a few years old.

So there's two kinds of Photoshop lessons, one on Practical and one on Theory. I had Photoshop theory lessons for 4 hours straight. It was tiring. The class watched two movies and supposedly, we were to analyse how producers created the movie. Well, for one, it's mostly common sense. I watched Wall-E and some giant robot and a kid movie, can't remember the name.

That's about it today..

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. OH WOW!!! Its a brillant idea to put such death note inside a thumbdrive. HAHAHAHAHAHA next time I shall do that too!!! LOL! =D

    But poor girl/guy, if any, took your thumbdrive. Bet they're gonna have nightmares!

  2. Haha. Feel free to use this tactic. That'll teach them to not steal in the future. They probably deleted the videos anyway haha.