April 8, 2010

It's getting lesser..

Hi there.

I had a rather busy afternoon today.. Thank goodness it was raining in the early morning. I played with the water gun of some sort and sprayed all the moss and fungi out of the air-conditioner tray. It was fun and I hoped it destroyed all of the mosquitoes' breeding habitats. So far, I only found one mosquito but it was so annoying. Still, at least the plague is getting lesser. Those insects loved to stuff their needles into my legs for no reason. Are mosquitoes attracted to drumsticks? *roll eyes*

For some reason, I went on to Google and searched for ITE. Several ITE threads came up and totally made me more confident. At least for now, I still can wear my ITE uniform with pride regardless of what people think. For those ITE students who still feel low about themselves, trying searching for ITE on Google and read some of the forums shown. Hopefully it might make you feel better about yourself! Don't give up yo!

My current wallpaper. :D

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

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