April 15, 2010

Final day of orientation.

Hai thur.

Alright. So today was my final day of orientation. We had a talk in MPH (Multi-Purpose Hall, or just Hall in short) about the various CCAs offered in College Central. Since ITE MacPherson is the main hub for College Central, the other Central Campus had to visit our school for CCA orientation. Pretty cool though, made me feel proud about MacPherson. I wanted to wait for Mun Tat to arrive, who's currently in ITE Tampines, but he took too darn long. After I picked my CCA, I went home.

I picked badminton. What do you expect? Haha. At least, I'll prolly lose some weight before I enter NS after my graduation. I'm kinda liking my badminton mates already, haha. Everything just seems too good to be true. Or probably I haven't had good things happening to my life in the past. Now, I have to save money for badminton rackets.. Ugh. My 6 years old racket is too rusty and the handle felt damp and moldy. Tomorrow, a cousin of mine is offering me a freelance at some business stuff of some sort. Good money earning opportunity I guess.

Life's been pretty good lately.. But I'm pretty sure the good things will end anyway. Hmmm.. Fuck you, pessimism! Life's great!

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. At least life's good for you now! I hope my side would be good too. I have no idea who are my classmates and everything else, but I'm going to school on Monday. Pretty weird right?

  2. Hey. Be optimistic man! When your face is bright, the sun shines with you and everything will be alright! :D