April 12, 2010

The worst has yet to come.. Maybe?

Hi there.

I just had the first orientation day at school. You know, the usual stuff, icebreakers, mini-games, to build teamwork. Also, it was awesome that the computer lab is my classroom! There's a games testing room where there are tons of XBOX360s and big ass desktop monitor. Very awesome.

My class is probably the most quiet amongst all. There isn't those group of youngsters who always find the need to yell out of the blue. Of course, I was expecting a sudden yell from anyone.. It did happened anyway, not surprising at all.

Not to mention, it was pretty warm day. In the morning, already I'm perspiring all over. In the afternoon, it was WORSE! I went home, with my Polo-T all drenched. Gosh.

My orientation lasts for 3 days.. After that, it's down to business!

Thanks for reading. Peace out.


  1. *fingers crossed* every game design student must own a xbox360 :D

  2. Hey I've had my orientation today too.. My next orientation is some IT training and ice breaking on the wednesday, but I can't make it as I need to attend my grandma's funeral. Thursday is flagday and welcome party for freshmen, but I can't make it as well due to the funeral.

    My orientation today is okay.. Seen my new classmates but yeah.. Didn't really talk to them at all. Hopefully things will be good when school reopen although I'm gonna miss the chance to know them through ice breaking all that haha.

  3. Muhib - IF XBOX360 releases modding tools for itself, it would definitely be a requirement. Too bad ALL games are created from PC and then ported to CONSOLE. Oh gosh. How I wish that owning an XBOX360 as a requirements, that would be so sweet!

    Jiemin - Hey I'm sorry about your loss, my deepest condolences to your grandma. You HAVE to make friends man, otherwise your Polytechnic life would be so boring! Is there anyone familiar in your course anyway? Haha. I'm sure things will be good for you. If not, you still have Dennis with you! HAHA. :D

  4. Thanks. Yupp I wanna make friends too! But it just turned out that I can't now as I'm not attending the orientation anymore for the funeral. Will make new friends when school reopen. =) Yupp!! =D